Going Easy On Earth: The Most Sustainable Blockchain

As awesome as crypto is, there’s that massive non-eco-friendly elephant in the room:

The energy.

With the wealthy and the wise diving into the cryptocurrency game every day, what does this mean for energy?

Or perhaps the better question is, what solution exists to keep us crypto enthusiasts from kicking Mother Earth in the face every time our digital wallet expands?

Fortunately, one blockchain is going full Michael Jackson Heal The World by reducing their footprint.

If you haven’t already guessed, meet Avalanche.

Avalanche: The Big Dog With The Small Paw Print

Avalanche boasts an incredibly environmentally friendly platform. It was found to use just 0.0005 percent of the energy expended by the Bitcoin blockchain.

If you think you misread that, you actually didn’t. That’s a whole lot less than the Bitcoin juggernaut.

Energy-Efficient But Not Too Exclusive

Avalanche also claims not to skimp on quality. While Avalanche is saving the world more than Iron Man, the platform also enables a connection to Ethereum assets.

In other words, Avalanche goes green and plays nice.

But that’s not all. Recently, Avalanche announced the development of a “Core” wallet, adding Bitcoin bridging functionality. This recent development positions Avalanche to change the game, even if you’re playing from elsewhere.

But what about the fees?

Better For The World And Your Wallet

Avalanche definitely clobbers most competitors in the energy department, and it also beats out Ethereum’s fees by a wide margin.So not only does investing in Avalanche give you the satisfaction of knowing you’re saving the world, but you don’t have to part with as many Benji’s to do it.

But given all these advantages, you might be wondering how congested Avalanche’s platform will be once people read this article and flock to make the switch.

Not Afraid To Jump On The Scale

If you think sustainability and reasonable fees are Avalanche’s only bragging rights, then you haven’t examined its scalability. The platform has seen substantial growth recently. But the inverse effect of congestion hasn’t seemed to be an issue. Figment reports that the subnets on Avalanche’s ecosystem are what allow it to keep growing without slowing. This, in turn, allows the creation of highly customizable blockchains.

But can Avalanche really be fast, virtuous, and also safe?

Saving The World And Securing Your Wallet

When you hear “scalability,” it might make your palms sweaty because of the potential of bad actors. I get it, but good news: so does Avalanche.

Hackers have their work cut out for them if they try to mess around. They must control 80% of validators at the same time in order to make any moves. Easy Crypto also reports that by comparison, Bitcoin hackers need only control 51% of its computational power.

While nothing is 100% safe, the relative difference definitely tallies some more points on the board for Avalanche.

The World Is Watching

The one consistent in the digital currency game is change. Rates of return, new players, and news by the minute flood our feeds.

But we’re all still on the same planet, folks.

And until Elon Musk figures out how to get the price down on intergalactic travel (not to mention keeping those colonizing Mars from instantly dying upon arrival), we have to be better citizens of Earth while capitalizing on the out-of-this world opportunities that crypto provides.


Speaking of Elon Musk, I wrote an article about his complicated relationship with Dogecoin. Check it out.

Also, if this conversation has been a little too heavy for you, check out my article about boozing in the metaverse.

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