Gatefolds: Connecting Collectors To The Most Beautiful Women On The Blockchain

Today, former Playboy Playmates are about to set the world on fire with the ultimate pinup collectible.

The most badass women-led project is about to hit the NFT space and give you exclusive access to exciting new worlds in the metaverse. These Playmates have come together to shape their destiny. In doing so, they are calling on all NFT collectors and those who have followed the Playboy Playmates over the years.

Gatefolds is the home of Rogue Playmates, and they are preparing to open their digital doors to collectors that hold one of their scorching-hot NFTs. Rogue Playmates is a generative NFT project that features digitally hand-painted art modeled from twelve Playboy Playmates.

The NFTs are brightly colored and attention-grabbing. Playmates are digitally hand-painted on candy-colored backgrounds. Fans and collectors alike will want to seize this opportunity.

It all starts with the art, modeled after real-life Playmates. Next, the NFT will act as a key to grant its holders access to the Playmates via messaging channels and special events.

Rogue Playmates is a women-led project with Playmates at the helm, redefining who they are and seeking to build a community that engages with their work. Members will have unique opportunities to connect with the Playmates in the metaverse.

The Three Phases of Rogue Playmates

This exciting project is rolling out in three phases:

Phase one: Post-launch activities include twelve one-of-a-kind super-rare Gold Rogue Playmate NFTs auctioned off, one per day for twelve days. They will also host a derivative contest with an NFT giveaway.

Phase two – Airdrop! Rogue Mansion Gold VIP membership access key will provide access to the Rogue Mansion in the metaverse.

Phase Three – Complete construction of the Rogue Mansion in the metaverse. Members can hang out with the Playmates in real-time and attend member-only events.

Rebranding a Classic Idea

“Our goal as Playmates is to take control of our IP and rebrand ourselves. Our following is strong enough to build a very engaged community that will help define our new brand. Early supporters will benefit from the expanding ecosystem we have planned.” – Victoria Fuller

Victoria Fuller hails from three generations of artists. While she achieved success in modeling, her bloodline ran deep, and she had to pursue her passion as an artist.

Fuller secured a licensing contract with Playboy that allowed her to use the brand’s trademarks in her artwork. This is the first licensing contract of its kind. Fuller is now the project director and lead artist at Gatefolds.

Is it Time for You to Go Rogue?

Before the NFT launch, Gatefolds will hold weekly contests in Discord for whitelist spots and other giveaways. They have provided a unique link for users of Blockster. The whitelist presale goes live in about thirty days.

These business-savvy women have shed their bunny tails and ears and created something entirely new. They are building their own mansion and inviting their biggest fans to the biggest party in the metaverse.

Membership is exclusive. Consider yourself invited.

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