Gaming And The Metaverse: Why Investing In GALA Might Be A Winning Combination

The network has attracted millions of new users, many of them drawn in by the network’s unique game features.

Is it wise to invest in GALA?

The GALA token has climbed at an unprecedented rate in recent months, proving it has significant upside potential. There are, however, questions as to whether it is a safe long-term bet.

The Town Star Game Contributes to GALA’s Success

The Town Star game is among GALA Games’ biggest growth contributors. The farming simulator has attracted over 500 million users to date—a substantial number by any stretch.

The game allows players to perform a wide variety of tasks, including growing crops and building a town. Players can also trade digital assets such as NFT buildings to optimize earnings. An additional benefit is that the NFTs can be traded on secondary marketplaces outside the network.

Due to the sheer size of its community, Town Star will continue to influence Gala Games’ growth for the foreseeable future. This is because it is instrumental in boosting demand for GALA tokens, which are used to settle transactions on the network.

Town Star’s progressive development also enhances metaverse diversity and creates a more unified GALA gaming–finance (GameFi) environment.

The GalaChain

There are already plans to transfer the GALA platform onto a more effective custom blockchain dubbed GalaChain. Developers are working on the fourth-generation blockchain that is set to include DeFi support capabilities. The main purpose of the new network is to overcome the current congestion issues experienced on the ETH network.

Notably, players will be able to benefit from free in-game transactions when GalaChain debuts. Overall, the strategy will provide a better gaming experience due to lower gas fees and increased network latency.

The aforementioned developments are expected to push GALA token prices even higher.

Listings on Major Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The GALA token has been listed on major crypto exchanges in the past few months. It is currently available on Coinbase, OKEx, Binance, FTX, Huobi Global, and Bybit.

This means that it is now more readily available to mainstream investors. In November, the cryptocurrency’s value jumped by over 300 percent after it was listed on Coinbase.


While the GALA token has significant upside potential, it is important to consider that it is still in its growth phase. It is prudent to expect some turbulence in the medium term. Caution is also warranted due to the mercurial nature of the crypto space. Its current safety ranking at press time is 4.4/10.

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