Fyli x UBS Kick Off Partnership to Support Female Founders At Hamptons Tech Week

Jaclynn Brennan, Jill Klinvex, Katia Zaitsev, Kathleen Ross, Camille Styles, Nacera Belal, Orietta Pelizzari

UBS Global Wealth Management has recently announced the launch of its partnership with a new venture capital fund, known as the Fyli Fund, who is actively raising $20M to invest in female founders including women in web3.

The Fyli x UBS partnership was kicked off last month in South Hampton during Hamptons Tech Week with the latest iteration of its Salon Series, Own Your Worth — a four-market tour of panel discussions and VIP dinners addressing the needs of early-stage female founders, and arming them with resources to thrive in a male-dominated world.

Jaclynn Brennan, Jen Heitler, Orietta Pelizzari, Catherine Sypert

The Loeb Family graciously opened their home for attendees to gather and discuss next steps in the partnership’s mission of advancing female entrepreneurship through education, accountability, peer-to-peer mentorship, leadership advancement and funding opportunities.  

CEO and Co-Founder of Fyli, Jaclynn Brennan, and Bianca Benedetti-Fang of UBS welcomed 40 notable investors, advisors, team members, and supporters, including Orietta Pelizzari, Michael Loeb, Barbara Roberts, Deanna Brown, Catherine Sypert, Jen Heitler, Olivia Dell, Elizabeth Nicholas, Camille Styles, Katia Zaitsev, Marissa Sechrest, Jill Faherty, Chelsea Toler, Christine Prydatko, Christine Cook, Jessica Mackin, Stephen Sabo, Jason Bayuk, Amber Allen, Jill Klinvex, Aless McCarthy, and more. 

Bianca Benedetti-Fang, Field Engagement Manager at UBS, addressed the guests on joining forces with Fyli, and the opportunity it gives to help more female-founders with the financial curriculum and insights they need to scale their businesses.

“We recently launched our ‘Own Your Worth Report’ which further reinforced our hypothesis that women greatly benefit from experiences, partnerships, and support like this.

UBS is dedicated to ‘Connecting People For A Better World’ and I’m thrilled to be a part of this actionable change by seeing it come to life this evening.”

Bianca Benedetti-Fang, Field Engagement Manager at UBS

The biggest women in tech came together in conversation on the future of Web3 and how female founders get in early to add their voices and help shape the future of this movement.

Some of panels included discussions on how Web3 is turning the internet into a creator economy and it’s critical that while $30 Billion was invested in the Web3 ecosystem in 2021, investment in female-founded companies hovers around 2% of all venture funding.

Together, Fyli and UBS are focusing specifically on women in the Web3 space, to help them accelerate their growth. The partnership leverages UBS’s exclusive ‘Own Your Worth’ content focused on helping women lead more purposeful lives through financial participation and empowerment.​

Bianca Benedetti-Fang, Jaclynn Brennan

Check out our short interview below with Fyli CEO & Co-Founder, Jaclynn Brennan to learn more about their initiative to empower women globally. And if you’re seeking to raise funding for your Web3 venture, then this can be an amazing opportunity for you to get involved!

Where can I find the “Own your Worth Report?”

The latest 2022 OYW report can be found here: Women on Purpose.

How many female entrepreneurs have received funding through this program?

We just launched a new venture capital fund that is seeking to raise $20M. Although many of our early-stage female founders have already been connected to investors which resulted in millions of dollars of investment for their companies.

Fyli focuses on the entrepreneur from both a personal and professional perspective so we also wanted to note that we focus on having our Cohort members thrive in all aspects of their life which goes well beyond fiscal impact.

What do the steps look like to get funding through this program?

The Fyli Fund details are still being mapped out, but as a female founder in our cohort, we intend to make introductions to VCs, family offices, and relevant angels based on the entrepreneurs’ business and stage. If their goal is investment, we help advise the companies in our program to help them make sure they’re structured and prepared for an exit.

The thesis for the Fyli Fund is:

  1. FYLI will seek to invest smart capital and community in female founded companies globally where they (we) see exponential opportunity, impact and accelerants (and/or disruptors).
  2. FYLI will seek to write small checks and make pre-seed commitments globally.
  3. FYLI is not an impact fund – it’s just great business sense.

What percentage of applicants will receive funding through this program?

The FYLI Fund is going to make pre-seed commitments globally to diverse founders. The percentage of members receiving funds will vary based on qualified member’s needs and available funds.

How long has this program been active and are there any success stories yet to share through your funding program?

The Fund was just announced, but we’ve helped members raise millions from our global investor network. Some of the success stories include Katia Zaitsev from Lexit and Janett Liriano, CEO of INARU who are thriving as Cohort members! 

How to Get Involved:  

Spread the word about Fyli to early-stage female founders and have them apply HERE

Learn more about UBS OWN YOUR WORTH Initiatives HERE  

Schedule a call with Fyli’s CEO to discuss investing, partnerships, and more HERE  

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