Frogs, Degens, IDOs Oh My…

There is no question that new and exciting things are happening and that cryptocurrency is taking “the way business has always been done” and flushing it down the old school drain.

One of those newer funding vehicles is called an Initial Dex Offering or IDO for short.

Just like traditional businesses looking to raise capital will conduct an initial public offering (IPO), IDOs are funding mechanisms, specifically for DeFi projects.

IDOs have less hoops to jump in order to get launched and are a great way to fund your next DeFi project.

Okay, so you have a great project and launching an IDO seems like a good fit.

What should your company do next?

While successful IPOs require awareness, buzz, and investors willing to back the company, IDOs also need to get people excited.

What are the best tactics for getting the word out?

IDOs need marketing in order to have a successful launch for the benefit of their token holders, but…


Many DeFi companies believe that you can apply traditional marketing methods to an IDO with great success.

It is only when the launch pumps then fizzles down to pre-launch values that the company leadership team wonders how it all went sideways…

Enquiring minds want to know.

The truth is that DeFi is a peculiar place (said from a place of love of course).

Those that follow and invest in DeFi projects wear the Degen and Frog mantle with pride.

Marketing to them with traditional strategies hardly ever works.

If you have to look up the definition of “Frog, Frog Nation, or Degen”, then you may need to hire an IDO marketing agency for your IDO.

What is an IDO marketing agency?

An IDO marketing agency has specific expertise around crypto but more importantly, as it pertains to how Decentralized Finance operates within the broader crypto industry.

An IDO is centered around crowdfunding by launching a token on a decentralized exchange (DEX).

The token is immediately available to swap or trade on the DEX, but will not immediately be available on a digital currency exchange (DCE) such as Coinbase, or Binance, for example.

Launching your DeFi project as an IDO and generating enough buzz and trading activity so that the token price and value continues to increase is the ultimate goal.

Because DEXs operate differently.

A successful IDO will requires specialized knowledge.

Although a lot of the typical digital marketing strategies can and should be used to market an IDO such as;

  • Social media
  • Content marketing
  • Demand generation
  • Email marketing
  • Influencer marketing

Knowledge and experience in the DeFi space is a must.

An IDO marketing agency understands how DeFi works, who the audiences are, how to reach them, and what messages resonate with them at scale.

They know how to generate enough buzz to drive a successful launch. When you ask them if Degen is a derogatory term, they will grin and say no.

IDOs are crowdfunding vehicles and crowdfunding requires – well crowds.

The only way to reach resonate is by understanding the DeFi environment, movement, and what motivates them to action.

While marketing as usual works for businesses in the fiat market, Degens and Frogs reject them with pride.

A marketing strategy needs developed with an intimate understanding of not only how DeFi works, but of the community and culture as well.

Crypto as an industry is evolving and ever changing.

There will be different investment and tokenization vehicles yet to be created which will serve different purposes and serve different audiences within the broader crypto community.

All will require a deep understanding of those specific communities and sub-markets in order to launch them into success.

While traditional marketing agencies understand business as usual, they will have to evolve in their knowledge, skills, and abilities in order to successfully operate in this brave new and ever changing crypto world.

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