Four Cryptocurrencies That May Explode In 2022

Crypto is no exception. However, even people who disagree tend to fix their eyes on certain cryptocurrencies. That’s because they may be on the verge of blasting into orbit.

With that said, let’s name a few that you might not want to miss in 2022.

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Avalanche: A Mountain That May Topple A Giant

It’s easy to focus on tried and true cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Sure, Bitcoin and Ethereum are growing like crazy, but lots of other crypto companies are growing, too.

The recent growth rate of Avalanche, for example, has been staggering. Cantering Clark, the much-followed crypto analyst, even threw Avalanche some love, declaring it a winner after calculating its recent growth.

Like Ethereum and Bitcoin, Avalanche is also trying to win at the blockchain game. While the reality of trying to unseat these two juggernauts seems distant, Avalanche gains steam with each passing market valuation.

Luckyblock: A Block You Might Want To Bet On

I grew up watching my parents play lottery numbers religiously. It made it easy to see early on that the lottery industry was a money-making machine.

Apparently, Luckyblock saw the same thing.

Luckyblock decentralizes the process of the lottery. If you like gambling but hate the system, Luckyblock was designed with you in mind. Luckyblock’s gaming design ensures that no external actors can alter the outcome, putting it miles ahead of traditional lotteries’ standard practices.

And as far as investments are concerned, Luckyblock may not be much of a bet at all. It continues to grow despite a cacophony of worldwide challenges.

Solana: The Dark Horse Network

A good number of crypto arguments devolve into the classic Bitcoin vs. Ethereum discussion–a discussion that won’t die anytime soon. However, while you were arguing about it, you may have missed Solana. It’s trailing, sure, but it’s not too far in the distance.

Solana isn’t quite in the same category as the big dogs, but with a $32 Billion Market Cap, it holds its own.

More interesting than that, Solana features lower transaction fees than its competitors. Solana’s growth warrants giving it a second look.

Axie Infinity: Having Fun While Growing

Who said rapidly growing crypto had to be all business? Definitely not Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity earns on Ethereum, but it also capitalizes on gaming unlike some of the other cryptos worth watching.

In fact, Axie Infinity was created specifically to bring crypto and gaming together. This appeals to both investors and gamers–all by design.

In this case, the play might pay–and it could pay big.

How Can You Be Sure?

Which crypto deserves your attention and your money? Chances are good that you already have an opinion. After looking at many reports about these candidates, you may even start feeling a sense of secure predictability.

It’s important to remember that anything can change regarding where these valuations will land. But the time to get in the game is now. And, in some cases, you can play the game while earning lots of crypto dough.

What will 2022 hold for these cryptocurrencies? Only time will tell.

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