Former Malaysian Footballer Azman Adnan To Launch NFTs

Will your favorite athlete be next to launch an exclusive NFT with priceless perks?

From popular music artists to Hollywood actors–and now even athletes–many famous faces and names all over the world are diving head-first into the very deep NFT hype rabbit hole.

Not surprising!

Last year, the legendary Argentine football star Lionel Messi launched his own elite collection of NFTs titled “Messiverse”, which are available for purchase on the Ethernity Chain platform. We learned something important last month: that all 20 clubs in the Premier League are exploring the possibility of launching NFTs. Tim Mangnall, the CEO of Capital Block is currently advising leading clubs how they can launch NFTs for their fans.

So, it seems like football NFT fever has suddenly spread all the way down to South East Asia. As former Malaysian footballer Azman Adnan hinted on YouTube, his new NFT collection is launching on Pentas on Saturday, 19th March. After Azman shared the little not-so-secret with the Pentas co-founder, his 40 thousand YouTube subscribers became curious, with many questions about his upcoming NFT drop going unanswered.

What kind of digital art or exclusive utility would entice you to ape into an NFT from your favorite footballer?

For all the football fans out there who are also degens, set a date in your calendars and prepare your $BNB to get ready for Azman’s first NFT drop on Pentas. derives its name from the Malay word “Pentas”, meaning “Stage” in English. Pentas is an inclusive NFT marketplace that seeks to empower content creators of diverse heritage, preserving their cultural and traditional values through digital assets. Their vision is to safeguard valuable cultural content for future generations through blockchain technology.

Due to the exponential growth of Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Pentas decided to build their protocol based on BSC, following BEP721 and BEP1155 standards (equivalent to ERC721 and ERC1155), making it a multichain marketplace which is accessible to a general mass audience.

Apart from creating, selling and purchasing NFTs, Pentas allows users to earn rewards in Pentas Tokens ($PTS) for referrals, staking etc as well as accumulate Fan Tokens.

“At Pentas, the artist will be their own record label.

This is the type of value that we bring to the table. We uplift, we liberate, we lift up all the talents,” explained Mohamed DW, Pentas co-founder.

Pentas intends to dominate the whole South-East Asia market for both the NFT Marketplace as well as blockchain services technology. Pentas aims to make Malaysia the blockchain NFT technology hub for South East Asia, the bedrock of blockchain as a service (BaaS) provider in the region.

So do watchout Opensea… because Malaysia’s very own Pentas aspires to be the biggest blockchain NFT based service provider in South East Asia and that is only the beginning of their journey.

Be sure to follow Pentas on Twitter so you can follow along on their ride too!

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