Flyfish Club – The World’s First NFT Restaurant

Going to dinner for some people is not about simply satisfying hunger pangs or eating a good meal; it’s an event – with elegant attire, dim lighting, great wine, and the finest chefs in the world creating beautiful art. This isn’t simply grabbing a bite to eat; this is an experience that comes with bragging rights. 

Getting access to one of the most elite restaurants in the world is priceless. For many, country clubs are often out of reach, but for this club, all that’s needed is an NFT. 

This is Flyfish Club, where NFT ownership opens the door to a posh world of elegant dining. 

Flyfish Club (FFC)

Flyfish Club (FFC) is an exclusive, members-only private dining club in the works by the VCR Group. These four guys are opening one of the finest restaurants in one of the most fabulous food meccas in the world – New York City. 

Entrance will only be granted to those that hold one of their signature NFTs.

There will be no applications or recurring fees; the NFT is all that’s needed. Membership lasts as long as the token holder owns the NFT. Members can bring friends with them as well. As long as one person owns the NFT, small groups are welcome.

The elegant restaurant will serve international seafood cuisine with award-winning chefs at the helm. A robust raw bar will be available as well as a swanky cocktail lounge. Nestled inside the restaurant will be the elite and intimate Omakase Room, with fish flown in from Japan daily. A master sushi chef will be at work to provide an unforgettable meal.

“Omakase” in Japanese means entrusting the chef to design the perfect menu. Sushi prepared by a master? Perfect indeed. 

“We want to create incredible value for the people that are part of this process” – Gary Vaynerchuk

The VCR Group

Gary Vaynerchuk was an early investor in NFTs and rallied behind their utility use cases. He even created his own NFT community, VeeFriends. He’s now testing a membership utility with this new NFT and striving to create a unique and classy experience with a few business partners.

The VCR Group consists of four passionate people rooted in hospitality and dedicated to creating an unmatched customer-centric experience. 

  • Gary Vaynerchuk – Founder and Chairman 
  • David Rodolitz – Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Josh Capon – Founder & Chief Culinary Officer
  • Conor Hanlon – Partner & EVP of Operations

What makes this group such a powerhouse is the diverse skill sets these founders bring to the table. They are all masters at what they do, and they are committed to creating the ultimate club experience exclusively for their NFT holders.

Welcome to the future of privileged access. This is FOMO on another level.

NFT & Club Details

Two types of Flyfish Club NFTs will be available. The Flyfish (FF) has minted 2650 memberships. One design is dedicated to this NFT. The FFCFlyfish Omakase (FFO) will allocate 350 memberships. Seven designs will be available for this top-tier NFT, which includes access to the Omakase Room. 

Credits: Flyfish Club

These NFTs are available on OpenSea and have a floor price of three ETH. 

The public mint for these NFTs launched in January 2022. The token gives the holder membership and access to the restaurant. All food and beverage costs are additional.

The restaurant space in New York City will be “intimate and airy with curated moments throughout.” The main dining room will accommodate 150 guests. The Omakase Room will seat fourteen guests. 

The Flyfish Club is creating a leasing mechanism where an NFT holder can “lease” their token to a non-token holder monthly. This could create passive income for the token owner, but the club owners hope that the NFT holders will come to enjoy their membership perks regularly. 

Membership also includes access to sophisticated culinary experiences and social events. 

A “bubble boat event” was thrown on a private yacht earlier this year. A cocktail party hosted by Chef Michael Pirolo was complementary to forty FFC members and a guest during a separate occasion. 

The lucky owners of the exclusive FFO token will be treated to a private Japanese-themed party, exclusively for Flyfish Omakase members, at ITO in Tribeca. Fifty FFO members will be selected for these events, which will occur every four months. 

The Flyfish Club restaurant space in New York City is projected to open by Q2 of 2023.

The posh perks of NFT membership

While Flyfish Club will be the first NFT restaurant, it won’t be the last. Others are watching this business model closely.

Membership to a gourmet restaurant is pretty sweet, but regular invites to exclusive and luxurious events kicks this membership up a notch. The VCR Group will keep their NFT holders delighted and surprised throughout the year, both inside and outside the restaurant.

This NFT brings it all – membership, gourmet food and drinks, posh events, and unlimited potential to increase in value as well as offer passive income for the holder. 

Going out to dinner is destined to become the ultimate flex. 


Kit Campoy is a freelance writer based in Southern California. She covers Miami crypto events, company profiles, and interview pieces for Blockster. She also writes personal essays on Medium. When she’s not writing she’s usually traveling, walking her dog, or drinking coffee. Connect with Kit on LinkedIn, DeSo, and Twitter

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