Florida Becomes The Most Crypto Friendly State In The USA

Anthonia Isichei wrote an excellent piece for Blockster about Republican Governor Ron DeSantis saying he wants to let Florida businesses pay taxes in Bitcoin.

Everyone had better pay attention, because it has enormous ramifications for the financial independence of the states.

As I have said repeatedly, any nation that adopts central bank digital currencies and phases out paper currency will introduce a dystopian financial system. Apparently, Governor DeSantis agrees with me:

“There’s a difference between a decentralized digital cryptocurrency, like a Bitcoin, and what some are talking about doing at the federal level to convert U.S. dollars into basically a digital currency. I think there’s a lot of hazards with that, when that’s centrally controlled. I worry about the amount of power that would give someone in a central authority to basically be able to shut off access to purchasing certain goods. We’d be in uncharted territory.”

One reason why Governor DeSantis is considering allowing tax payments in Bitcoin is to amass wealth that is not under federal control.

Florida vs. The United States Federal Government

Anyone who has been following politics in America knows that Governor DeSantis and the Florida State Legislature have been resisting what they see as federal overreach.

During the Covid-19 panic over the last two years, Florida refused to adopt lockdowns, a policy enthusiastically pushed for by federal public health bureaucrats.

The state has also actively engaged in resisting social media censorship, which some see as a backdoor way for the Federal government to regulate speech.

Most recently, the state passed a law forbidding discussions of alternative sexual lifestyles in the classroom, lifestyles many see as being pushed on their children by America’s cultural and political elite.

Governor DeSantis is unwilling to go along with political or social trends set by those his political base opposes.

Actions like these from Florida and other states annoy the country’s elite. They annoy Republicans because they distract from foreign and economic policy, and they annoy Democrats because these laws seemingly target their supporters.

What if there were a tool that could be used to make states like Florida stop passing such laws?

CBDCs could be that tool.

Central Bank Digital Currencies May Give the Federal Government Leverage

If a CBDC was implemented, the federal government could use it to punish a state it deems problematic.

As I have stated before, digital currencies give bureaucrats the discretion to determine who uses them and who does not. States can be targeted as well as individuals.

Imagine Florida (or another state) resisting some Federal law or policy by suing or nullifying it. Someone in the Treasury Department could retaliate by blocking transactions in Florida simply by typing a few commands into a computer.

Is This Abuse a Realistic Concern?

The United States has seemingly abandoned the rule of law for bureaucratic absolutism.

Consider that the FBI was used as a political weapon against President Trump’s supporters, and even members of his cabinet. Further, consider that Capital Hill protesters have been left in jail for months in violation of their rights to a speedy trial.

These events show that elements within the Federal government are willing to disregard the rule of law and normal republican processes to achieve their goals.

So, then, what is to prevent the powers in Washington DC from using CBDCs as weapons against entire states? How big is that leap, considering they have already disregarded parts of the law they find inconvenient when dealing with individual citizens?

And if you think, “Oh, well, I voted for Biden and Clinton, and nothing can happen to me,” keep in mind that in times of economic and social turbulence, the citizenry tend to elect right-wing radicals. Do you think a government filled with the likes of Richard Spencer wouldn’t use these powers against you given the chance?

Indeed, CBDCs would enable the worst impulses and tendencies of unaccountable and capricious policemen and bureaucrats, no matter their politics.

The Solution is Decentralization

States like Florida can protect themselves by adopting Bitcoin or another decentralized digital currency. With Bitcoin in the treasury, Florida could continue paying state employees, funding pensions, and fulfilling its other financial obligations, despite whatever potential sanctions are leveled upon it.

Furthermore, states should form a coalition to resist the implementation of CBDCs by any means possible, even if it means nullification and secession. They should also fight to retain paper fiat as a legitimate medium of exchange.

And forgive my bluntness, but don’t wave the Constitution in my face and say the federal government can’t use currency as a weapon against its own citizens. When the state can screw you over whenever it wants, however it wants, and whomever it wants, it means we live in a post-Constitutional order.

The Federal government has shown itself to be reckless and abusive with its authority. CBDCs will only compound these abuses.

Other states wary of the power CBDCs would give the Federal government should join Florida in adopting Bitcoin and resisting CBDCs.

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