Five Tokens You Should Consider Buying During The Market Crash

The crypto market is down in what can be termed as the greatest crash this year. The crash has been so severe to the extent that nearly $1 trillion worth of cryptocurrencies was wiped out of the market recently. However, this does not mean that you should stay away from the market.

It is the nature of cryptocurrencies to be volatile, which means that price difficulties can be expected. Investors who understand the market are always looking for ways to invest even when tides are against them. In the recent crash, here is a list of the five best tokens to buy.

Telos (TLOS)

The Telos network is fast and highly scalable. The network is one of Ethereum’s competitors since it allows users to execute smart contracts and issue NFTs. Currently, more than 100 projects are running on Telos.

The Telos network is powered by the TLOS token. TLOS has a high transaction execution and runs on renewable energy sources, making it the greenest smart contract there is. Because of its amazing features, the demand for TLOS has been high, making the token a very good purchase option.

The Telos network will also very soon enhance the EVM compatibility feature. When this happens, the demand for the network will be even higher, causing a positive effect on the value of the TLOS token. The EVM compatibility will enable Ethereum-based dApps to execute on the network.

TheForce Coin (FOC)

TheForce Coin is also another token that investors need to watch out for. DeFi and farming projects have increasingly become popular as investors look for the highest yields. One of the platforms being used to achieve this is TheForce yield aggregator.

Many yield aggregator platforms are available on the internet, but FOC stands at the top since it allows customization where a user can select their ideal DeFi projects. The platform is also intended to develop a user-friendly NFT. All these projects will increase the value of this token.

InsurAce (INSUR)

The other platform that is increasingly gaining popularity is InsurAce. With the cybersecurity vulnerability experienced in the DeFi sector leading to great losses, it means that developers need a robust insurance system. InsurAce provides insurance to DeFi protocols and is currently servicing 20 projects, with others expected to launch soon.

The platform has an INSUR token that covers costs and gives users a sustainable return on their investments. With DeFi developers seeking insurance to avoid losses such as the one suffered by Pancake Bunny recently, INSUR is a great buy since its demand will soon increase.

Hybrix Token (HY)

The Hybrix network brings something unique to Blockchain, as its major objective is to unite all blockchain protocols using one great megastructure.

Currently, linking different blockchain networks is a major challenge. However, with Hybrix, this is quite easy since the network allows a user to access multiple blockchain networks from a single wallet and an inbuilt swap feature.

Hybrix has a native token known as HY that enables cross-chain interaction and can be used on any supported blockchain network. By acting as a major force behind the Hybrix network, the use and value of HY tokens could increase.

The HY token developers believe that Blockchain will become increasingly accessible and create a combined and transparent system by using it. The platform will also solve liquidity issues, as it will allow transfer between ledgers without needing a liquidity provider.

Stratis’ (STRAX)

Stratis is a blockchain platform that allows firms to engage in decentralized finance cost-effectively easily. Venturing into Blockchain is tough for any firm, given the cost-intensive human resources and technologies needed. This is due to the Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) framework built using the C# industry standard.

The STRAX token has also made great strides in the market, attracting many investors to purchase the token. This means that the token could be a great purchase because its value could keep appreciating.

The above tokens are expected to hold their current values and increase in the coming months and years. This is because the tokens above derive their value from the great roles they play in the blockchain system.

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