Five free tools that will make you a better crypto analyst

There are some fantastic crypto on-chain and trading tools out there, such as TradingView and CryptoQuant. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the $100 or higher annual fees, especially when you need 4 or 5 different services.

However, some alternatives provide top-quality data for free. One just needs to know where to look for them and perhaps put this $500 annual expenditure to good use, accumulating satoshis.

For those unfamiliar, cryptos provide different approaches for studies, including technical (charts, patterns), trading (volumes, liquidation, derivatives), and on-chain (transactions, fees, addresses balances).

Therefore, those with access to more data will likely have an advantage in spotting market bottoms, cycle tops, and potential valuation discrepancies. A blockchain with more users, activity, and less holder concentration tends to perform better.

For those willing to improve their game, those five free tools will certainly provide an edge. Some are intuitive, but others require weeks or months to master. – The free TradingView alternative is the perfect charting solution, combining real-time data from CoinmarketCap, CoinPaprika, Bitmex, StablecoinStats, and Uniswap. You can get USD and BTC prices, market cap, dominance, and supply, besides dozens of indicators including moving average, volume, Bollinger bands, RSI, and Ichimoku Cloud.

TradingView alternative

Furthermore, you can select from 5-minutes to monthly candles, besides being able to save your layouts, and draw trendlines and pitchforks. definitely provides a pro service for free, and one should not hesitate to bookmark it.

CoinMetrics Chats – free on-chain data on multiple coins

For those unfamiliar, on-chain analysis is the activity extracted from massive data sets through each cryptocurrency’s public ledger. Some compelling metrics have been created over the past years, including the Network Value to Transaction (NVT) ratio and Realised Capitalisation.


CoinMetrics offers a wide range of on-chain indicators on 50+ cryptos, including Market Cap / Realized Market Cap (MVRV), 30-day Active Supply, Address Count on US$ 10k+ balances, Transaction Count, and NVT.

CoinMarketCal – get to know the events that might impact the prices

Stay ahead of airdrops, testnet launches, conferences, staking pools launches, listings, partnerships, and any event that might be relevant for cryptocurrency prices.

This community-populated website allows you to filter by top-100 coins and filter by keyword or category. A must-have for those wanting to anticipate market movements.


Bybt – the all-in-one solution for derivative trading data

Funding rates, futures volumes, options open interest, ETF and Grayscale holdings, stock-to-flow model, liquidations, top traders long-to-short, etc. Bybt offers an incredible array of beautifully expressed charts and trading data from every exchange.


There’s so much exciting data on Bybt that one should spend a couple of days just scrolling through it to find how useful this tool can be. Don’t forget to visit the ‘Chart Pro’ section cause some of the features are not easy to find.

TheBlock – Trading and on-chain data aggregator

The Batman belt of trading and on-chain data, including spot and futures trading data, exchanges and social metrics, Grayscale funds, DeFi, miners’ revenue, NFTs, and much more.

By aggregating data from multiple sources, ‘The Block’ became a go-to destination for those craving insights and ‘off the beaten path’ data. Take your time to explore and visit the multiple sections of this great website.

Monitor many, but master a few

With so many information sources, one might get buried under so much data. The trick is to select two or three indicators that work for each market momentum. There is no perfect and infallible setup as markets are composed of various participants, dependent on human psychology.

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