Eve World – The Power of Women Only Communities in Web3

The true power of Web3 lies in community building. The era of the influencer is ending, and the forging of genuine connections has become critical. Creators want to own their content and fans want meaningful access to the creators they follow. 

People want someone honest they can connect with – someone who understands that life isn’t always easy and can offer advice in times of distress.

Eve World is bringing these people together.

Eve World 

Eve World is a free and responsible virtual space for women, where everyone gets an equal shot at value creation. Women are more powerful when we empower each other. 

“We can’t change the world, but we can create a better one for you” – Eve World’s tag line.

Co-Founder and CEO Tarun Katial envisioned a new social media platform after his wife was being harassed on WhatsApp. Tarun Katial has been in the media and entertainment industry for over two decades. The company he helped create believes that it can add value by giving women their own space. 

Eve World focuses on independence, identity, and inclusion. Users are free to express themselves in a safe environment. Women can build their tribes and form personal connections. Eve World aims to launch worldwide, but it will start with countries like India, the Middle East, and Indonesia, where the population is more extensive. 

Women are encouraged to design their communities with other women who are “unapologetic, fearless, unashamed, confident, and opinionated.”


Eve World’s creator platform is named “coto.” It will function as a social media platform.

Derived from ‘come together,’ coto is a new digital space for women that enables creativity without limits and is built on the promise of continual ownership. 

coto is a destination for women globally and represents a world that’s built on participative ownership. Here, women have a virtual safe space to “express, engage, and be rewarded without toxicity.” 

Several measures have been taken to ensure that only women end up on coto through methods like verification. coto will allow DAOs that are governed by their communities. Community members on Eve World will be rewarded through the platform’s social tokens every time they positively engage. The platform wants creators to shift their mindset from one of a “creator economy” to a “community economy.”

The Future is Female

Eve World encourages independent thinking while safeguarding women’s rights to express themselves freely and responsibly. Women can come together here and get informed and inspired to live their lives the way they want. This platform will help women grow and develop a secure community that respects them.

Eve World and coto are free, safe, and responsible virtual spaces. This open space will give women an opportunity to bond through interest-based micro-communities. Each woman will be able to share her thoughts and help build a robust and free-spirited place.

“We are strong individually and even stronger together!”

The promise of Web3 continues to accelerate, and women are leading the charge.

Kit Campoy is a freelance writer based in Southern California. She covers Miami crypto events, company profiles, and interview pieces for Blockster. She also writes personal essays on Medium. When she’s not writing she’s usually traveling, walking her dog, or drinking coffee. Connect with Kit on LinkedIn, DeSo, and Twitter

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