Ethereum Max Is Getting Lots Of Celeb Endorsements – What Is It?

So, what is Ethereum Max, and why has it received so much attention, barely a few months after launch?

Ethereum Max – A Kim Kardashian-Endorsed Token

Ethereum Max is not in any way related to Ethereum. It is a speculative digital token created around May by developers who have not come out to the public. Hence, it could be termed one of the thousands of tokens in the market that are only created for speculation by anonymous individuals.

Despite lacking any substantial use cases, Ethereum Max quickly gained followers thanks to getting endorsement from Kim Kardashian, a billionaire celebrity. In fact, the token recorded a record 1370% price gain in only two weeks.

Kim Kardashian has over 250 million followers on Instagram, where she posted a message stating,

“Are you guys into crypto???? This is not financial advice, but sharing what my friends just told me about the Ethereum Max token! A few minutes ago, Ethereum Max burned 400 trillion tokens – literally 50% of their admin wallet giving back to the entire E-Max community.”

Kim Kardashian is not the only celebrity endorsing Ethereum Max, as it has also been mentioned by popular boxers Floyd Mayweather, Tyson Fury, and former NBA player Paul Pierce. A press release also noted that Ethereum Max was the exclusive cryptocurrency used to purchase online tickets for the Mayweather vs Logan Paul match.

Is Ethereum Max a Shill Coin?

As for Kim Kardashian endorsing Ethereum Max, also known as emax, payments were most likely involved, as at the far end of the post, there was the word $AD, showing that it was an advertisement. Hence, the ad does not mean she has invested in the token.

Since its launch, Ethereum Max has received some notable deals, such as the aforementioned deal where it was used as an online ticket to a Floyd Mayweather match. It also partnered with Groot Hospitality, a legitimate restaurant and nightclub business based in Florida.

However, given that it is a very new cryptocurrency and has no underlying fundamentals, it is ideal for a short-term trader and not for HODLing in the long term. For instance, CoinGecko shows that it has dropped by 95% since its highs in May, failing to respond to the current market bulls.

Given the lack of transparency around the project it is hard to see this as a legitimate project, and despite celebrity endorsements (which they are paid for), it looks extremely shady. Invest with extreme caution!

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