Epic Games Adopts Crypto And NFTs In Face Of Steam Ban

Epic Games Set to Adopt Crypto and NFTs

The well-known game distribution platform, Epic Games has, as of late reported that they are open to supporting games that utilize digital money or blockchain resources on its game store. In the announcement, they additionally expressed that they will permit games that included NFTs and that they will work with early developers in this field.

They also stated that they will adhere to monetary laws to ensure that clients know how blockchain is utilized and that games are arranged based on the appropriate age ratings.

This news is coming off the back of recent events where popular gaming store, Steam, declared that they will not permit games that utilize blockchain innovation or permit clients to trade digital currencies or NFTs. Space Pirate, a designer dealing with an NFT-based game saw the change and expressed that the change could be on the grounds that the organization, Steam, can’t permit games to have in-game things that could have value in reality.

In any case, unlike Steam, Epic Games has shown interest in blockchain-based games and NFTs. The CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, expressed that the organization isn’t keen on touching NFTs. However, they will work with engineers to see how they intend to utilize blockchain innovation in their games. He likewise added that Epic Games welcomes advancement in innovation and finance and that blockchain isn’t naturally positive or negative.

“As a technology, the blockchain is just a distributed transactional database with a decentralized business model that incentivizes investment in hardware to expand the database’s capacity. This has utility whether or not a particular use of it succeeds or fails.”

The Future of Blockchain Gaming

The universe of blockchain and computer games are bit by bit converging as one. Gaming has developed from the “play-to-earn” time to an entirely different age of gaming experience with real-world situations and player incentives combined with the decentralized development known as Web 3.0.

In the first half of 2021, the gaming industry generated more than $476 million with blockchain organizations, such as Forte creating nearly $185 million.

When gaming began, most games were pay-to-play as the vast majority of people needed to pay to play games in arcades with coins. Decades later and the gaming business has developed to having games on PCs, mobile phones, and even dedicated gaming gadgets. Right now, the world is moving from the conventional gaming environment to an all the more remarkable industry. Blockchain gaming is step by step turning into the fastest growing area in the gaming business and there are no signs that it will stop at any point in the near future.

Games have developed from clients paying to play the game to clients being paid to play the game as more games reward clients with incentives for their time. Crypto-games reward clients with unique items with verifiable ownership that can be exchanged, purchased, or sold. This is due to blockchain technology and the recent popular NFT craze where items have unique identities that belong to just one person.

Crypto-games such as Axie Infinity are compensating players in NFTs while they play the game. Players can likewise make their own NFT, purchase, or sell things very much like they will do, in real life.

As long as the crypto business and the NFT area continue to grow, there will consistently be opportunities to invest in the crypto business and the gaming business. The metaverse is touted to be the next big thing and organizations are as of now constructing games where individuals can interface with others in the metaverse and even purchase and sell land as they will do, in real life. This shows how significant the blockchain gaming industry will be in the future.


The NFT gaming is here and not stopping soon. The main question is how huge the market can get without support from organizations like Apple, Google, or Valve, and what will it resemble in a gaming climate where even Epic, who expressed help for blockchain in gaming, isn’t consolidating NFTs into its items.

Axie Infinity is a genuine illustration of where this may be going in the close to term. The game, run by Vietnamese startup Sky Mavis, has a complicated economy including two monetary forms used to raise new “Axies,”. Those monetary standards can be acquired through engaging Axies or selling the ones you have.

The new help by Epic Games shows that the fate of blockchain gaming will be rising. The future of blockchain gaming is bright.

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