Energyfi — The Green DeFi Platform Launch

High transaction fees and excessive energy consumption are major complications on the DeFi system as it keeps affecting transactions on decentralized platforms. The Energyfi platform is designed to accelerate the adoption of green networks and more reliable and friendly decentralized finance platforms. It’s no surprise that Energyfi offers an all-in-one platform where developers can build new networks, considering the blockchain network needs more users and Decentralized Applications (DApps).

Energyfi Green DeFi Platform: Energypad ILO Platform

Energyfi offers the DeFi industry a complete turn in decentralization, transparency, environmental awareness, energy consumption, and cross-chain interoperability. Energyfi runs on the DeFi network, and will finally launch its Energypad ILO platform to enhance the adoption of green blockchains by increasing their accessibility to investors and developers.

Energyfi offers the safest permissionless fundraising platform which allows projects to raise funds for new projects. Energypad is a cross-chain, permissionless ILO platform now live on Binance Smart Chain, EWC, AVAX, and NEAR networks. Energyfi offers staking and yield farming on savings products, while also ensuring that they have access to lend and borrow cryptocurrencies.

Project creators are offered maximum flexibility on Energypad, to ensure that the needs of investors are met. The Energypad ILO platform allows the hardcap/softcap, locked funds, portfolio allocations, ILO listing price, OIL duration, and duration of liquidity foreclosure to be reconfigured.

Energyfi offers an eco-friendly decentralized exchange where users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies by focusing on green networks. Users are offered a green and secured decentralized exchange, and easy access to active integrated networks of their choice. Liquidity providers are also rewarded on Energyfi DEX to increase the number of users adopting decentralized exchanges. Liquidity providers will be rewarded 0.6% with every transaction, including an environmentally friendly and rewarding DEX.

Lending remains an important feature of the DeFi industry, Energyfi green DeFi platform is no exception. The platforms provide an all-in-one solution to DeFi users which includes lending and borrowing. Users are allowed to lend cryptocurrency and earn interest over time, or borrow cryptocurrency and pay interest over time.

Energyfi Innovative Features

There are a few interesting innovative features of Energyfi.

All-in-one Solution

Energyfi offers DeFi an all-inclusive solution which includes; cross-chain launchpad, DEX, staking/farming, and lending features. Through Energypad, the ILO platform seeks to increase the number of users adopting blockchain networks and increasing accessibility to project developers and investors.


Another feature of the Energyfi green DeFi platform is EnergySave. It allows users to earn rewards when they farm Energyfi native tokens (EFI tokens) and provide liquidity in the pools. Users can also stake EFI and earn some percentages of the swap fees depending on their share in the staking contract.


The Energyfi platform is designed to enable the adoption of the Green networks. It offers an eco-friendly cross-chain and permissionless platform. Energyfi seeks to create an eco-friendly DeFi for users. By offering an eco-friendly dimension, the platform seeks to facilitate the adoption of Decentralized Applications on the Energyfi Green DeFi platform.


Many investors have invested in building innovative technology and designs for Energyfi to ensure security, fast, and cheap transactions. Users’ verification and transparency is highly encouraged on the platform. While it provides different DApps and seeks to increase adoption, Energyfi ensures transparency and security.

Wrap up

Energyfi has introduced a complete dimension to the DeFi industry. Energyfi is designing a green and cost-effective decentralized finance by providing a multi-chain ILO platform and DEX.

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