Dubai Gets A New School That Accepts Crypto Payments

Following the recent adoption of initial crypto regulations, Dubai is set to open the first school that accepts crypto payments.

According to recent reports, Dubai will soon see the opening of the first school in the Middle East that will accept cryptocurrency payments, allowing the students’ parents to pay tuition fees with crypto.

Initially, the school will accept the two largest coins in the industry — Bitcoinand Ethereum. It believes that this will provide the students’ parents with more flexible options. As it is the usual practice, however, the school will not actually receive crypto payments. Instead, it has teamed up with a platform that will act as an intermediary between the students’ parents and the school, accepting crypto payments and then converting them to Dirhams for settlement.

A Safe and Supportive Environment

Known as Citizens, the school is set to launch in September of this year, with a goal to “reimagine education.” The school’s website says that their mission is to put their students at the center of a visionary learning experience. Citizens was designed to support a “holistic, inclusive whole-child development journey” that will allow students to thrive, learn, and be happy while doing it.

Citizens hopes to create a safe and supportive environment. Its goal is to reshape learning — to turn its students into the citizens of the future by focusing on well-being and innovation.

The school is also committed to permitting power of choice, as it understands that “one size does not fit all” — that students have different needs, talents, and interests. This is why the Citizens’ learning experience will focus on holistic learning. Students will be prepared for a life of entrepreneurship and creation. The school desires that they become visionaries and “thinkers of tomorrow.”

Teaching Younger Generations to Embrace the Changes

The school’s founder, Dr. Adil Alzarooni, stated that the crypto industry has come a long way in a very short time. Only a few short years ago, “crypto” was nothing more than a term that only a handful of investors around the world knew or cared about. Today, however, it is slowly entering the mainstream and changing the way the financial system works.

With Citizens aiming to disrupt the education sector by implementing a new approach to learning, it is only fitting for it to adopt change and innovation on all fronts, including the payment of tuition fees. And, along the way, it also hopes to prepare the younger generations to understand and adapt to the digital economy.

The school is designed for children aged 3-18, and it is already accepting admissions for the next school year, starting in September 2022, for groups between 3 and 11 years of age.

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