Don’t Walk Around Hungry – Food In The Metaverse

McDonald’s has already established their virtual presence in the metaverse. The company has filed for ten trademark applications and even plans to sell virtual goods.

Not only that, but metaverse participants will be able to visit a virtual McDonald’s, place an order, and have actual food delivered to their real houses. Players won’t need to leave their favorite chairs or even take off their headsets.

Orders will be sent to a nearby brick-and-mortar location and delivered to the player’s front door.


McDonald’s gets it. They understand the potential of the metaverse and are getting now.

It’s a smart move, and they have the capital to stake their claim now. Companies that are early to the action will be rewarded.

They are not alone. Panera is also getting into the game with virtual stores in what they’ve named the Paneraverse.

These savvy restaurant chains may experience exponential growth as they lead the way in the virtual world.

Restaurants Explore Virtual Possibilities

Restaurants are constantly looking for new ways to bolster their business. Creativity and innovation often leads to a new customer base. The metaverse offers both in abundance.

Peter Klamka, CEO of Cordia Corp. and former owner of the Blind Pig restaurant in Las Vegas, has designed an easy way for independent restaurant owners to test the metaverse and explore cryptocurrency.

Klarma notes how challenging the restaurant business has been, particularly in recent years due to Covid, and how helping restaurateurs gain a few new customers could make all the difference for struggling enterprises.

As such, he developed the Crypto Food Hall NFT collection to help smaller restaurants and even food truck operators.

This crypto food hall will host 1,000 NFT chefs, each of which represents different personality styles and cuisines. They’ve been given fun monikers like Chef Tasty and Chef Nasty. The cost per chef will be 0.08 ETH (approximately $200 at the time of this writing).

Token holders will be invited to cooking events, both virtually and in-person, collect discount codes for virtual restaurants, and receive airdrops for the next series of Crypto Food Hall NFTs.

Cordia Corp. will use 20% of all resale royalties to buy gift cards for independent restaurants that own one of the NFTs. The gift cards are distributed randomly to those that have signed up for the Crypto Food Hall Discord.

For smaller business owners that lack the capital of McDonald’s, this framework allows them to explore the crypto world. Klarma will send out a Crypto Food Hall logo that participants can use on their mobile apps.

“The crypto kids will find you,” Klarma states.

Food and More in the Metaverse

The options for business are endless within the metaverse. Deep pockets or not, forward-thinkers are already securing their place in the virtual future. The only thing that can possibly hold them back is imagination.

Restaurants, big and small alike, must begin to ensure that virtual participants recognize their brands-with full bellies as they wander the virtual world. Stay in the metaverse as long as you like; the fries are on the way.

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