Dogecoin Publishes The First Roadmap Since Its Launch

Dogecoin (DOGE), the meme coin created all the way back in 2013 as a joke, was never expected to survive. Even its own creators expected it to only be around for a few weeks, or months, at most. However, against all odds, the coin survived for over 8 years to become one of the top-performing cryptocurrencies of all time. And now, it has a roadmapfor the first time in its history.

Dogecoin Starts Over, Nearly a Decade After the Launch

For ages, Dogecoin was a favorite joke coin of the crypto industry, but it never saw much popularity until earlier this year. Through the efforts of Elon Musk to promote DOGE, it somehow managed to become one of the biggest and most traded cryptocurrencies. Even now, months after it crashed from all-time highs, the coin is still the 12th largest crypto by market cap.

DOGE’s success from earlier this year did more than simply boost its price — it also attracted developers, as well as the Dogecoin Foundation–which had been disbanded long ago, as the coin had been considered a dead end and not worth the effort of devs.

The Dogecoin Foundation re-formed a few months ago, promising great changes to the project. Now, in the final days of 2021, they are finally starting to deliver, with their first big move being the launch of the original meme coin’s roadmap.

What Changes Will DOGE See?

The launch of DOGE’s roadmap is a big deal. After all, this is a coin that was abandoned by the Foundation, and even by its own creators, and somehow has managed to remain viable for nearly a decade.

Now DOGE has a shiny new roadmap, but while the devs say that there are big changes ahead, they also stated that they will mainly be responsible for the coin’s maintenance–that they will not try to take over the coin and rule it. All the decision-making and direction for DOGE will remain firmly in the hands of the coin’s community.

As part of its new roadmap, Dogecoin announced 8 new projects. The first one will be a total makeover of Dogecoin’s website, which is in a dire need of a complete redesign. The devs even plan to add a new section called Dogepedia and to fill it with various useful crypto-related resources and information that is currently scattered all over the web.

Another major project is called the Libdogecoin project, which is geared towards developers. It will be a C library with Dogecoin Protocols, allowing devs to easily integrate the coin into their apps and systems. In time, the Foundation plans to cover all popular programming languages. Another great project that was announced is called Project GigaWallet, which will be an open-source API solution that will help developers add DOGE transactions to their payment platforms in mere seconds.

In other words, it appears that DOGE is about to receive a surprising makeover.

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