DOGAMÍ: Mobile Gaming In The Petaverse

Think of it like Tamagotchi for the 21st century, but this pet pays you to play.

The dogs of DOGAMÍ have arrived on Earth, and humans are now ready to receive them. They are messengers of an even greater universe apart from our own—a universe of wonders, mysteries, and adventures beyond our wildest dreams.

The DOGAMÍ have brought love and a need for human affection.

Get Your Game On–But Don’t Play Too “Ruff”

DOGAMÍ is a play-to-earn virtual companion, and it is metaverse-ready. Players can have fun with their pets: they adopt, play, compete, and socialize. The game is played on mobile devices, particularly iOS and Android.

The goal of the game is to develop the best and rarest DOGAMÍ.

Each DOGAMÍ is an NFT. Labrador, Collie, French Bulldog–they’re all here. The first drop sold out with a total supply of 8,000, but new players can still purchase one on a secondary marketplace.

DOGAMÍ combines the latest blockchain technology with mobile gaming to create this all-new experience: the Petaverse. Adopt your favorite whelp and uncover the secrets of the Petaverse.

Each DOGAMÍ will go through life-cycle phases: puppy, adult, and spirit. Players must nurture their Dogamí and participate in mini-games that parallel real-life activities in order to level up.

Players can earn rewards by doing the following:

  • Nurturing their Dogamí
  • Competing in mini-games to win leaderboard prizes
  • Breeding Dogamí and selling them on the marketplace
  • Adopting and trading rare Dogamí
  • Farming accessories and NFTs that can be sold on the secondary market
  • Participating in various activities for the benefit of the network, e.g., participating in governance
  • Dog-sitting for other players

Don’t Bury These Tokens in Your Backyard

$DOGA tokens are the local currency of the Petaverse. Players can earn them while playing DOGAMÍ.

$DOGA tokens can be used to purchase consumables, create digital wardrobes, buy events tickets, breed DOGAMÍs, and build the future of the Petaverse.

DOGAMÍ boasts three key features, and players will want to take note:

Low Gas: Enjoy low gas fees playing and trading in the Petaverse.

Security: Your hard-earned assets are safely stored, no matter what device you use.

Clean NFTs: DOGAMÍ NFTs have a shallow carbon footprint thanks to the most energy-efficient blockchain technology.

DOGAMÍ plans to launch additional GameFi features in Q2, including farming and staking.

Tamagotchi would be shaken.

Dive into the Petaverse

Socialize, compete, dog-sit, and have a great time in the Petaverse with your new best friend. Own a dog that pays you to play with him no matter where you are.

Players can get in on the game on any mobile device.

Now you can adopt a Mastiff even if you don’t have a backyard!

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