Digital Fashion Brand Raises $4.5M To Bring Couture To The Metaverse

Tribute Brand. Digital Fashion

ANNOUNCEMENT  – Tribute Brand, a pioneer of digital fashion known for its distinct conceptual work reshaping the future of fashion, has raised $4.5M in its seed funding round.

Tribute Brand launched in April 2020, and has since set the course for the global digital fashion market, selling out their drops and partnering with luxury fashion houses such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Carolina Herrera along the way. Today, the digital fashion world is synonymous with the iconic looks that Tribute Brand has pioneered.

The round is led by Collab+Currency, a leading early stage consumer VC in web3 and crypto, which previously invested in platforms like SuperRare and ArtBlocks.

Other investors include an impressive list of VCs and DAOs, such as Alice Lloyd George (Rogue VC), Lattice CapitalTCG CryptoRed DAONeon DAOFlamingo DAO and prominent angel investors like GMoney, Megan Kaspar and Kanosei Ventures.

“With the growing proliferation of AR, VR, and blockchain technology, digital fashion can now access new surface area previously impossible in physical-only spaces,” said Derek Edward Schloss, Partner at Collab+Currency.

“Tribute Brand has built a leading digital fashion brand that sits across physical, digital, and immersive spaces, inspired by digital ownership and unrestrained creativity.

“Our team at Collab+Currency couldn’t be more excited to back the leading digital fashion brand in the world at Tribute Brand.”

Derek Edward Schloss, Partner at Collab+Currency

Among the investors, notable DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations) are joining this round, RED DAO being specialized for the fashion and Flamingo DAO known as one of the biggest collectors in the NFT art space: “RED, NEON and Flamingo DAO are thrilled to be supporting Tribute Brand, a next-gen digital fashion platform, shaping not only the future of virtual style, but also self-expression.” 

Tribute Brand was one of the first to introduce the concept of digital fashion, being in this space earlier than the most, and their plan is to shape the future of fashion, with a one clear premise they’ve started building from the early days: fashion is a tool for identity expression. Each universe it operates in, will make fashion look, behave, and feel different.

Tribute Brand’s CEO and creative director Gala Marija Vrbanic, who has a background in traditional fashion and a TED talk in her bio list, states:

“We don’t see Tribute Brand as a “digital” fashion brand, we see it as a fashion brand or platform, without a “digital” premise added to it.

It’s just fashion moved to a new dimension using the most advanced tech tools, with some of them being Tribute Brand’s proprietary technology — such as AR — to shape it, and blockchain to prove ownership.

The thing with fashion is that it always has to exist with some medium interconnected to it. So far it was mostly connected to clothes, because that was the easiest way for someone to express their identity, which is what fashion is used for.

“Fashion is not on the streets anymore. It is using the new medium now, which is digital, for us and the brands joining us on this trip.

Tribute Brand is a role model for fashion brands and platforms in the coming times.” 

Gala Marija Vrbanic, CEO & Creative Director of Tribute Brand

Tribute Brand is currently building its own interoperable platform and tools to utilize digital assets, with a bespoke user experience in mind, set to be launched later this year with a new collection drop.  

About Tribute Brand

Tribute Brand’s main goal is to make fashion exciting again. The core team is formed out of members having a strong background in traditional fashion, CGI 3D modeling, blockchain, UX design, and code engineering. From day one they’ve been hacking traditional fashion systems, speaking the native language of fashion elevated to multiple media. The team is on a mission to transcend fashion into the digital realm and web3 by injecting high tech software and creative values to boost virtual self-expression aiming for both fashion, gaming and crypto community and collectors.

About Collab+Currency

Collab+Currency is a US based early stage venture investor bringing innovative web3 brands to life. Collab+Currency supports visionary founders with the resources to shape tomorrow’s culture.  

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