DePo CEO, TJ Dunham, Speaks On The State Of The Crypto Space And How DePo Will Boost The Space's Efficiency

One example is TJ Dunham, the CEO of DePo, who has excellent experience in crypto and fintech industries. He has years of trading a variety of assets behind him, including commodities, forex, and, of course, digital currencies. He also managed a proprietary trading firm, DeFi assets portfolio, and was in charge of overseeing a multinational remote team of employees.

In his career, TJ Dunham became the CEO of the world’s first DEX, CEX, and decentralized wallet liquidity and data aggregator. He also developed some of the most promising solutions to projects on BSC, DeFi, stablecoins, and even marketing. Today, we got an opportunity to ask him a few questions about his career, as well as DePo and its ecosystem, features, and more.

Blockster: You have quite a long list of achievements in the trading and investment industries. How did you first get involved with crypto space?

TJ Dunham: I got involved in this space as a day trader. I had been accustomed to helping manage a group of forex and commodities traders for the past year or so in a professional setting as a fund partner and the crypto world fascinated me. Especially the grandiose returns, as most first-time crypto traders can probably relate to! What kept me here, however, was the technology and the empowerment that came along with it. The rallying cry that is financial freedom, and freedom in general echoes through crypto and the inherent utility of the underlying blockchain technology.

Blockster: What was your initial impression of cryptocurrencies and the crypto market, in general?

TJ Dunham: My initial impression was that the market is still in its infancy with massive growth potential. There’s solid tech and then there’s a bubble. It took me quite some time to be able to differentiate between the two but once I figured it out it allowed me to move my focus towards developing the former.

Blockster: Is this what inspired you to create DePo?

TJ Dunham: Most definitely, the concept sprang about as a mural of solutions to the various inadequacies and inefficiencies in the market. Through speaking with friends and putting deep thought into it myself, I realized that bringing different facets of the crypto sphere together is key for the future of DeFi. DePo will lower barriers to entry and bring about genuine mass adoption, from the retail market through to the largest institutions.

Blockster: How does DePo aim to change things?

TJ Dunham: By uniting all aspects of crypto into a single intuitive aggregator with a genuinely user-friendly design we’re creating an unrivaled trading platform that will empower users to take advantage and execute across the full width and breadth of the crypto market. Inevitably leading to progress, as inefficient and impractical protocols will be driven to the back while the best projects will be presented in front for everyone to take advantage of. For example, there are over 600 exchanges but only the best prices will be displayed when a user uses our platform – same with NFT marketplaces, swaps, farms, and pools.

Blockster: DePo is currently in Beta, do you have an idea when it might launch in full?

TJ Dunham: Oct 30th is our MVP release date.

Blockster: What would you say are the biggest achievements of DePo up to this point?

TJ Dunham: Uniting FTX, Binance, Huobi, Unsiwap, Sushiswap, and Pancakeswap in one place + the full width and breadth of 1inch + some for our swaps. Then taking all of this information and removing the seams allowing users to access their entire portfolio across these platforms in 3 clicks or less. We’re also especially proud of being able to generate passive income for our $DePo token holders by distributing 50% of all fee revenue to them, among other pros for holding our token

Blockster: Can you tell us a bit about how you see the current state of the crypto industry? What are its biggest issues?

TJ Dunham: The current state of crypto is that of a rocket. We’ve surpassed the expectations of nearly all through the use case of our technology. But pushback is keeping us in orbit. In order for us to break orbit and not be pulled into the atmosphere causing the industry to burn up. We must focus on smart and scalable solutions, true technology with real utility. I believe that with continued advancements and robust innovations in DeFi like DePo is key to this and fuel to the ship that is crypto.

Blockster: What about its biggest opportunities that might not be as obvious to everyone as of yet?

TJ Dunham: There are many opportunities that most people are unaware of. The most important being financial freedom. I believe that mass adoption into decentralized crypto will lead to an unprecedented era of prosperity and abundance the likes of which we haven’t seen before in any country let alone the world.

Blockster: Which has you more excited, DeFi or NFT?

TJ Dunham: Both. They feed one into the same. NFT’s will power DeFi as DeFi will power NFT’s. Never before was there an ability to have property/ assets/ companies etc. tokenized and never before was there an ability to manage these things in a decentralized manner.

Blockster: Finally, what are some things that you hope to see achieved in the near future?

TJ Dunham: DeFi hitting critical mass.

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