Crypto Slang Defined – IYKYK

Cryptocurrency is a vast, ever-evolving space. It can feel downright overwhelming to newcomers.

There are stable coins, altcoins, wallet addresses, NFTs, and slang—so much slang. The slang evolves just as quickly as everything else, so buckle up.

If people weren’t confused enough by this fast-paced digital landscape, they now have to learn a ton of acronyms to go along with it. It’s okay. We’re breaking some of the most common slang down for you to understand. Keep reading.

gm normie! WAGMI

It’s a shorthand, and it’s also a key to a particular club. These phrases will pop up on Twitter and Discord servers, so take note.

Pretty soon, incorporating them into your everyday speech will be easy.

gm – this means good morning. People write this as “gm,” “GM,” or “Gm.” Any combination of the two letters g and m is fine.

It’s a friendly way to start the day, and it brings with it a spirit of community. It can also mean it’s a good morning because the people in this group are early to crypto and NFTs. It’s a statement—an announcement of dedication to Web3 technology, a signal that a person backs NFTs.

Use gm any time of day, because it’s always morning somewhere, and the crypto world is continuously operating.

WAGMI – stands for “we all gonna make it.” It’s a rally behind massive optimism for the future—specifically the crypto and NFT future.

Example: “I just bought Solana in a dip! WAGMI!”

The opposite of this is NGMI – “not gonna make it.” Use this if belief in a project is minimal.

“GM is similar to wagmi – it’s our battle cry and way to know someone is legit in the space” – Kitty Grier, NFT Girl Gang Founder

Probably Nothing – This means the opposite. If something big happens, people will say it’s “probably nothing.”

Example: “Bitcoin surges again! Probably nothing.”

Want a real life example? RadioShack recently used this slang in an image it tweeted.

IYKYK – stands for “if you know, you know.” If a person is aware of and supports a project or a company in crypto or NFTs, they would use this.

Example: “You all in on BEZOGE yet? IYKYK.”

Normies – If someone is a “normie,” they haven’t explored cryptocurrency or NFTs yet. This term covers the vast majority of the population. It can also mean that someone is staying away because they think crypto is a pyramid scheme.

Example: “My normie friend thinks I’m crazy for investing in crypto.”

Ape – This means taking a significant stake in or investing a lot of money in one token. It could be perhaps because there is a feeling of FOMO.

Example: “I have to ape into Avalanche at this price!”

What’s next?

NFTs and cryptocurrency are bringing people together from all sectors of business, tech, art, and finance. There is something for everyone, including a genuine sense of excitement, support, and friendship.

Slang will continue to evolve—sometimes like lightning. But if you slow down for a minute, you can easily capture it.

This crypto adventure is a wild ride. IYKYK.


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