Crypto Makes TIMES ‘Most Influential Companies List’ – Twice!

After that, it made a list of the top 100 Most Influential Companies, and it allowed two crypto firms to make the list, showing that it considers them to be legitimate businesses and equal to traditional companies.

Cryptos Companies

I see this as another example of Time Magazine rapidly warming up to crypto. As for the two companies that made the list, those are Digital Currency Group and Coinbase. Neither of the firm’s successful appearances is particularly surprising. They are large and well-known businesses, and considering that Coinbase recently went public, making the list was almost expected. Even so, both crypto giants deserve their spots, since they made massive progress over the last year.

As some may know, the list consists of five categories, including Pioneers, Leaders, Innovators, Titans, and Disrupters. Digital Currency Group was categorized as a Disrupter firm, alongside companies like Shopify, Tesla, Clubhouse, and Huawei. It made a lot of progress at demystifying crypto for investors, as the listing put it, particularly through its subsidiaries like Grayscale and CoinDesk.

Coinbase is a Titan

As for Coinbase, it was categorized as Titan, alongside the likes of Alibaba, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Walmart — all of which are more than deserving of the name. Coinbase fits the bill, in my opinion, considering that it earned more in revenue in Q1 2021 than in the entirety of 2020.

In other words, Coinbase has been advancing at an incredible pace over these last several months. This has been a huge year for crypto, but also for Coinbase, and the amount of activity and adoption really opened the door for the firm to go big, which it did.

Do you think Time was right to include crypto firms?

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