Crypto Games See Surge In Interest – Top 5 Crypto Games

Gaming culture previously supported a spend-to-play model, and players sometimes needed to buy lives or in-game assets with real money. The reward was satisfaction, and players viewed these games as entertaining luxuries, not investments.

The play-to-earn models of most blockchain games led to increased interest as games began to evolve into a rewarding adventure. The innovation has resulted in a massive increase in interest, which many analysts believe will only continue. As expected, some games have seen more action than others, and here are the top five crypto games by volume presently:

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is undoubtedly the king of the blockchain gaming metaverse. A typical crypto game with NFTs, rewards, and in-game tokens, Sky Mavis Studios released the game in March 2018.

The game is NFT-based. Players collect, grow, train, and do battle with ‘Axies’ which are NFT monsters. The Axies can be traded in-game and also used to earn more monsters and tokens. Built on a play-to-earn model, players would need to purchase Axies to have a shot at playing. The company recently reported that the average spend of players is estimated to be in the range of $400.

Axie Infinity is powered by Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) and Smooth Love Potion (SLP). Both are Ethereum-based tokens and are available for trading on major exchanges like Binance. AXS is currently trading around $120-$130, up from about $1 in January 2021.

DeFi Kingdoms

Widely regarded as a new kid on the block, having launched in Q3 2021, DeFi Kingdoms combines the blockchain gaming experience with elements of decentralized finance. Despite the recent launch, the game has seen an influx of gamers eager to multiply their earnings.

DeFi Kingdoms has a gameplay based on fantasy, lands, and heroes. Like Axie Infinity, it is an NFT-based game, and the Heroes are NFTs that players could trade on the in-game marketplace. In Q4 2021, the game’s developers plan to release LANDS and a Player Vs. Player (PVP) gameplay option.

JEWEL, built on Harmony (ONE), is the in-game token of the DeFi Kingdoms metaverse. Currently trading around $5, with an all-time high of $5.50, JEWEL is earned on the game and can be staked for liquidity mining.


Another new kid on the block, Cryptomines has seen a wave of interest from gamers in recent weeks. The game is another NFT-based product, and all in-game assets are NFTs built on the ERC-721 standard. The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) powers Cryptomines, and the game’s developers came into the scene in August 2021.

Built on a pay-to-play-to-earn model, Cryptomines’ gamers have to collect Workers and Spaceships, then travel throughout the universe searching for $ETERNAL, the in-game token. $ETERNAL is currently trading around $42, up from $2.9 in September 2021.


Faraland claims to be the biggest war game on the blockchain. Its development began in May 2021, and the game ranks high on the list of blockchain games with high volumes over the past weeks.

Faraland is built on BSC and powered by the in-game token $FARA, currently trading around $3.6. The game is NFT-based, and all characters are non-fungible tokens on the BEP-721 standard. The assets – humans, elves, orcs, etc. – can be traded in the Faraland marketplace. $FARA can be staked to increase the heroes’ power.


The first free-to-play-to-earn blockchain game MOBOX is built on BSC and enjoys a large user interest, with an active community of over 300,000 users. MOBOX is an NFT game, and all collectibles in the game are built on the BEP-721 standard.

There are three games on MOBOX— Collect and Farm, Block Brawler, and Token Master. The reward token is MBOX, currently trading at $4.14, while MOMO is the in-game NFT that users can mint, earn and trade.

Crypto gaming will continue to spark interest, as gamers worldwide are eager to move from the more costly traditional gaming models to play-to-earn games. These top five blockchain games and many more will continue to see renewed interest as the industry is still very young and full of promise.

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