Crypto Fans Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Discuss Cryptocurrencies

Mila Kunis, a famous actress, started the discussion on how her husband introduced cryptocurrency to their household in 2012 and was head-on investing in Bitcoin. In the first instance, she tagged it “a bad idea.”

According to Mila, Bitcoin is illegal because it does not have any Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) support. However, her husband Ashton, who described himself as the guy who “knows enough to be dangerous,” turned deaf ears to her fear. He went ahead with his Bitcoin investment plans.

And today, Mila is excited that her entrepreneur husband did not listen to her fears of holding a volatile commodity like Bitcoin.

From Critic to Core Crypto Supporter

What is even more interesting about the couple’s venture into the crypto industry is that they took another step further into the non-fungible token (NFT) space even though she barely understood the concept of an NFT.

That’s not all; Mila, who once dissuaded her husband from Bitcoin investments, has doubled down into the crypto space, becoming the only American actress to have an NFT animated series themed “Stoner Cats” linked to her name on the Ethereum blockchain network. The project has attracted unprecedented market demand since its launch in July.

When the host asked how she started her NFT project, the actress revealed that it started as a blind and dumb project since she knew little or no understanding of an NFT concept. But the project has transformed into a high-on-demand NFT born out of the covid quarantine period while she was producing television show content.

Moreover, in a bid to gain ownership control of her product content, Mila signed a partnership deal with really smart crypto experts the likes of Morgan and Maria, whom she referred to as “crypto gods,” to actualize her NFT idea.

For Mila, her NFT, which she dubbed “a high brow content,” stands out from the rest. “Stoner Cats,” tells a ”Love and Lost” story of an aged woman diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, who owns five cats that represent five NFT shots on a decentralized blockchain network.

Users can buy NFT airdrops to buy 2-3 ETH ($2-3000 USD) worth of tokens and possess the right to watch five-minute content for every show of the animated series as they are released. This way, the content creator keeps users glued to watch their favorite actors in each series.

Notably, in the couple’s cryptocurrency adoption discussion, they also hinted to their hosts that El Salvador, a country in Central America, had announced the approval of a Bitcoin bill.

Officially, El Salvador has become the very first country in the world to adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender. Legalizing Bitcoin in the country would serve as a landmark moment for Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency industry.

Ashton further explains the relationship between how much energy it would cost a miner to create another blockchain and the actual cost of a cryptocurrency in addition to the transaction fees.

Mila Says Bitcoin and Ethereum Are the Best Cryptocurrencies

The actor says that in order to make the most value from a crypto transaction, the miner has to use a very cheap energy consumption process in the world. This will attract a higher miners’ reward.

Ashton and Mila highlighted that it is best for a newbie to narrow down the crypto investment to a few big cryptos rather than getting concerned with all the big types of crypto available in the industry. Mila believes that Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two biggest cryptocurrencies in the space.

The crypto industry is gradually finding its way and gaining ground in practically every sphere of human life. Countries, individuals, financial institutions, and even the entertainment industry are fast embracing mainstream Bitcoin adoption alongside other altcoins.

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