Crypto & Chill: Asia’s First Crypto Hub In Bali

Forget ‘Netflix and Chill’, now it is the time to ‘Crypto and Chill’ in paradise. Indonesia’s leading crypto exchange, Tokocrypto (backed by Binance), has recently launched Asia’s First Crypto Hub and Education Epicenter, T-Hub, in Bali, Indonesia, which aims to take crypto education to the mainstream.

Whether you’re a trader, DeFi farmer, NFT degen, crypto HODLR, a builder of blockchain platforms, cryptocurrency trader, or just someone who is interested in learning more about blockchain and cryptocurrency, T-hub is a blast! Even your Dad would probably enjoy hanging out at T-Hub.

Need a bit of help? Head over to the IRL customer service for some support, they got you covered.

Wanna check your crypto gains or work on your new NFT project with your partners? Flip up your laptop at the co-working space or VIP lounge.

Excited to meet more degens? Check out the cool event space and NFT galleries.

Fancy a drink or a quick snack? Don’t worry: the bar and restaurant is ready to serve you.

Need some unique content for your social media account? Say no more. This is, after all, Bali. There is an Instagram-able pool, and sunbeds and palm trees for your pleasure.

Bali is already home to a large number of digital nomads and expats who are deeply involved in cryptocurrency. Now, blockchain and crypto enthusiasts from Asia and around the world can meet in a real setting to network and make friends. This crypto hotspot has become a magnet for the crypto community, giving them a space to gather, ideate, create, innovate, or simply bask in the crypto lifestyle–thanks to the the utility of Toko Token ($TKO), the native token of Tokocrypto. As the first company to bring decentralized finance (DeFi) to the general public in Indonesia, Tokocrypto and $TKO allows holders to participate in crypto exchanges, savings programs, cross-platform DeFi applications, and NFT marketplaces.

Apart from T-Hub, the Tokoverse has started an accelerator program called TokoLaunchpad, created Indonesia’s first and largest NFT marketplace (TokoMall), and released a mobile application for crypto education cleverly named Kriptoversity. T-Hub is just one piece of the puzzle from the up and coming Tokoverse, which will further spread financial freedom across Asia, with a special spotlight on Indonesia.

It is a breath of fresh air to see a popular crypto exchange lead the way into mainstream adoption by creating fun spaces to connect in-real-life (IRL). Connecting with the community on telegram or discord is cool…but guess what? Chilling by the pool under palm trees while shilling your latest NFT drop is way cooler. T-Hub has even started to host a friendly girls only event to help increase female representation in the crypto space. So make sure to keep an eye out on their official Twitter account for other upcoming community events in the near future.

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