Crypto Casino. The Future Of Play To Earn Gaming

crypto casino

Can you hear the dinging of heavy hitters winning big as you walk through the casino?

By the time you regard the whole picture of everyone playing, you might be choking from the cigarette smoke. Or maybe some inexperienced gambler has snagged your preferred seat.

Didn’t they know that was your lucky machine?


Luck and chance are central to gambling. Sure, you have to know “when to hold ‘em,” as Kenny Rogers might say, but you can’t control which cards you’re dealt.

But if we’ve learned anything from cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and the metaverse, we’ve learned that the game can be changed.

And in this case, the literal game is changing.

Welcome to the world of play-to-earn-crypto games, where you don’t need to face down that tourist to get your favorite spot at the casino.

And the only smoke you have to deal with comes from your fingers typing at lightning speed.

Let’s explore two games you may want to jump into.

Axie Infinity: The Big Game in Town

Axie Infinity is the most popular play-to-earn crypto platform to date. Players can earn SLP tokens during gameplay and trade them for real money at an exchange. Playing hard equals earning hard.

And if you like Nintendo’s Pokemon, you’ll love Axie Infinity’s platform. In fact, some folks have played it on Nintendo Switch with great success.

But unlike Pokemon, Axie Infinity allows players into the ownership mix. Quite the draw, to be sure. But why only fight when you can also farm?

Plant vs Undead: Grow Money Without Getting Dirty

Plant Vs Undead answers the call for those who prefer botany over battle.

It does include a battle element: you have to defend your farm from harm. But it doesn’t involve the carnage that is so commonly found in other games. The purpose of this game certainly doesn’t center on battling.

If you’ve ever played Plants vs Zombies, this game employs a similar vibe with the added excitement of NFTs.

See? You don’t always have to battle to make bank.

Putting On Your Game Face

Play-to-earn (P2e) gaming and gambling on the blockchain gains steam with each passing day. We can’t be sure of the functional trajectory for P2e; however, it’s nice to know we don’t have to fight that mean lady for our favorite spot in the casino anymore.

Even better, with play-to-earn games, winners are determined not by chance, but by skill.

Are you willing to bet on your skills as a player?


If you’re not into the casino vibe for the playing, but you love fully-stocked bars, check out what I wrote about the metaverse and Alcohol.

Or if all of this is stressing you out, take a look at this piece that I wrote about NFTs and their impact on mental health.

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