COVID Vaccine Passports Attract Interesting Thoughts from Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson

Meanwhile, the authorities are eager to return to life as normal, which is why they are strongly encouraging vaccination which could save lives simply by making people more resistant to the troublesome disease.

Weighing in on the so-called COVID passports, Cardano’s creator, Charles Hoskinson, had a few thoughts to share on the situation.

What is Hoskinson’s stance on COVID passports?

Hoskinson started by saying that he often gets questions regarding whether his project would participate in the creation of a concept of vaccine passports. He says that the question emerged in the blockchain space because several entities within the blockchain industry are already allegedly working on something like that, and there are concerns about them.

He admitted that the matter is complicated, but that such requirements already exist for a number of other diseases, especially when it comes to traveling to exotic lands, such as African countries. Normally, they are used for entering countries or working in specific domains, like hospitals.

But, the problem, as he sees it, is that many would require vaccine passports as a requirement for leading a normal public life, such as visiting restaurants, concerts, coffee shops, or other social gatherings. At first, he says that there might be benefits to this, but he remains concerned that such infrastructure could be used to restrict the freedom of movement, and then reused by those with totalitarian thoughts.

Politics and Vaccine Passports

He even gave an example of the governments potentially using these systems to limit those who misbehave, such as being late with filing their taxes, or having a too low credit score, and alike. He mentioned that something like that could even be misused for strengthening racism, or similar social issues.

Essentially, when building a system, he focuses on whether it could be misused, and in what ways, in the long run, whether in 5 or 50 years. These and similar problems are what keeps Hoskinson and his company very careful about creating systems that could be misused in such a way over a certain period of time.

In the end, he believes that the misuse of the systems for political or similar purposes is almost guaranteed in the years following the defeat of the pandemic. Having such control over things like the freedom of movement, would be too tempting, which is why Cardano will not participate in the creation of any such system.

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