Couple Exchange NFTs On Wedding Day – A New Romantic Crypto Trend?

Peter Kacherginsky and Rebecca Rose first held a traditional Jewish ceremony, after which they exchanged the digital assets as virtual rings to symbolize their love. Rose took to Twitter to state that the virtual rings were now present on the blockchain where everyone could see the proof of their love and commitment.

Exchanging Rings on Blockchain

The couple took to the altar with their phones, and while this would be weird in a normal setting, it turned out to be a romantic gesture. They used their phones to exchange rings digitally. It also ensured that everyone saw the exchange because it was available on the blockchain.

The couple named their digital token Tabaat, which means “ring” in Hebrew. The details of the Tabaat token on Etherscan show that only two of these tokens have been created, and more cannot be made. Despite blockchain being considered nerdy, this explanation on Etherscan makes it romantic.

The couple also detailed that they would add an animation to the NFT to give it a more personal representation. The couple hit the headlines after this gesture because despite blockchain being all about technical details, two people who love what they do incorporate their work into the most important day of their life.

What are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens allow you to trade digital collectibles and other valuable digital items on the blockchain. The details of the individual who owns the NFT are also available on the blockchain. NFTs can be made up of anything digital, including songs, drawings, GIFs, video game collectibles, and more.

Most NFTs are one-of-a-kind, meaning that they cannot be duplicated. However, some can be copies of other items. Nevertheless, blockchain will keep track of those who own the NFT file.

NFTs created a buzz this year after people made millions of dollars from selling basic digital items such as memes. Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet NFT for millions of dollars, which he later donated to charity. Popular memes such as Nyan Cat have also been auctioned and generated huge amounts for their creators.

NFTs have gained global support because they prevent duplication of artwork; hence they have become popular with artists. These tokens have created a platform where individuals can own work, sell it, and keep track of it on the blockchain.

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