Counos X A New Exchange That Is Pioneering Crypto Regulation

In our world today, humans and businesses interact and transfer value using government-backed fiat currency. The use of these fiat currencies for both local and cross-border transactions helps to grow the economy and shape the country’s financial system. Counos platform adopts this idea to build a blockchain-powered ecosystem that enables users to transfer wealth and value in a distributed manner through the financial resources it provides. It is designing a regulatory compliant, decentralized economic and financial ecosystem to address the shortcomings of existing conventional solutions.

At the core of Counos’ solution is a variety of services including Counos Decentralized Exchange (Counos DEX), Counos Escrow, Counos Payment Gateway, Counos Web Wallet, and Counos Mobile Wallet.

Counos Exchange

Counos X is redefining crypto-asset transfer. It allows for the seamless exchange of cryptocurrencies. Counos X features a hybrid centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. Both categories boast a user-friendly interface, 24/7 support team, swift transaction time, and top-notch security.

CEO of Counos, David expressed optimism about the future of the platform and its services. He also discussed briefly the major selling points of the Counos exchange – regulatory compliance and security.

“As you can see, the Counos Platform builds up the fundamental base of a crypto platform in which we run a centralized regulated exchange. web wallet which gives private keys to people. Mobile wallet which private key encrypts, and no one has access to it, just users. Decentralized exchange. Escrow services, also on our chain Counos H has the possibility to run a token and soon gonna publish the issue.”

Counos DEX

Riding on the wave of the decentralized exchange frenzy, Counos decentralized exchange presents an avenue for trustless peer-to-peer conversion of cryptocurrencies from one to another without any third-party interference. Counos DEX users will have total custody of their assets, thereby reducing the chances of hacks that are prevalent in centralized exchanges.

It is presently available for use in 248 countries and is licensed to operate in the EU zone. Counos DEX mandates users to carry out KYC (Know Your Customer) verification in order to place trades.

Counos CEX

Counos CEX

Despite the rising popularity of decentralized exchanges, the traditional order book approach still offers a feature-rich and great trading experience that appeals to many investors.

Counos centralized exchange has a wide range of cryptocurrencies and trading pairs available. It also allows for fast deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrency and fiat. A standout feature of the Counos CEX is its Single-Page Application (SPA) which is integrated into the trading interface. SPA allows for real-time price and market status updates without users refreshing the page.

Like the DEX, Counos CEX requires users to carry out KYC verification before trading. Though still in the beta stage, the exchange already has several top-grade security measures in place, including the SSO (Single Sign On) feature which improves user security and helps safe keep funds.

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