COOP Network Spotlight

Cooperation solves many problems.

The Coop Network has taken the cooperative model that worked so well for the agriculture community and put it on the blockchain.

This legal DAO has ambitious plans.

Their cryptocurrency (GMD) will be backed by real world assets and the public will be able to use it to invest in the businesses in their system.

With fields like Machine-learning, AI, Automation, Robotics, and Finance evolving at a blinding pace, COOP is building an economic model to share the wealth to participants in a fair and sustainable way.

Blockchain is the perfect tool for addressing existing and yet to be considered challenges.

They are building partnerships in DeFi, Medical Cannabis, Vertical Farming, Telemedicine and Drone Service, with more to come. Each of these benefits from the blockchain because eliminating centralized systems and gatekeepers can improve the speed of transactions.

Their COOP is legally entitled to have its own Lending Union. The launch of their first investment and DeFi protocol is on track for Q2 – Q3 of 2022.

COOP Academy is a key element in their plans. Education in the crypto space is needed because everything changes so quickly. They’ve already opened their first brick and mortar school in Sibiu, Romania, but because they’re implementing a AR/VR curriculum, too, children around the world will have the opportunity to learn.

Who wouldn’t love to program a robot or drone through their VR headset?

According to an article by Jordan McDonald, on February 4, 2022, “In 2021, global indoor farming startups raised $1.6 billion across 70 deals, per Pitchbook—that’s ~86% more money than the sector raised in 2020.”

“The indoor farming market is expected to be valued at US$38.7 BN in 2022,” according to a report onYahoo! Finance.

COOP plans to create its vertical farms in cities around the world.

Also, in the agricultural realm lies an industry fraught with issues that directly impact growers, sellers, and consumers. Medical Cannabis, specifically CBD oil, which doesn’t contain the psychotropic component THC, must deal with complex regulations that vary from state to state, at the federal level, and across countries.

This is where COOP shines.

The European cannabis industry is predicted to reach a high of 3.2 billion Euros by 2025.

A significant issue is the fragmented regulation of its primary product. The unintended consequence of this reality is that producers, sellers, and consumers cannot operate transparently for fear of running afoul of the law.

As the production and distribution of cannabis are illegal in Europe, the product’s origin is unknown. With so much of the commerce taking place online, fraud about the quality of the product is a concern. Issues with fake reviews make it a challenge for the buyers.

Additionally, consumers are careful with sharing their personal information.

How do the producers build trust with their customers?

There are four Challenges:

  1. Companies are forced to work in a ‘grey’ area of the law, in which they would rather remain constrained instead of open and transparent.
  2. The legal segment of the industry struggles with inefficient and costly transactions because payment processors won’t work with them.
  3. Unclear origin and quality of product
  4. Consumers do not feel comfortable giving their details to cannabis retailers.

Using a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) like COOP, both consumers and producers will be able to enjoy more transparency in the supply chain.

COOP aims to create an instrumental tool that allows businesses to optimize their supply chain network and build more trust.

Many applications will be developed for business through the Coop Network using smart contracts.

This company is fully doxxed, and their whitepaper can be found here.Check them out on Blockster.

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