Confidence That’s Out Of This World: My Interview With Space Albert

Do you get tired of NFT projects that show promise but lack utility?

And most importantly, how can you really have the confidence to know you’re investing in the right direction?

Cryptocurrencies keep popping up like dandelions in the Spring. But if you’re looking for something a little more muscle behind its creation than some of the other projects out there, look no further than Space Albert.

I had the privilege of talking to someone from Space Albert’s team who has chosen to remain anonymous. She’s Space Albert’s Spokesperson. We’ll call her SAS to simplify.

And it was a privilege, to be sure. I left the conversation feeling more excited about Space Albert’s project than ever. And I have a feeling that if you read more, you will, too.

Farther Back Than The Beginning

Space Albert’s beginning starts way before most other NFT projects–specifically, with Albert Einstein.

“The founding team is passionate about scientists and the history they’ve impacted,” SAS said. “Their brilliance should not have to die with them. We seek to make that brilliance relevant in the current conversation.”

Space Albert’s passion for Einstein is extensive and contagious.

“This March 14th would have been Albert Einstein’s 140th birthday,” SAS said. “So it was on that day we inaugurated our International Space Lounge. We didn’t want to over-promise and under-deliver, so we figured we would put the work up for some people to see for themselves.”

Anyone looking at the graphics can certainly see the work that went into them.

But who are “they,” exactly?

There is No “I” in Space Albert’s “TEAM”

The SAS wasn’t interested in giving me her credentials. That’s part of why she chose to remain anonymous. But what she did do was give credit to the Space Albert team, as a whole, when I asked her to name names.

“If you met Henry Ford and you asked him who was involved in building the car, he wouldn’t answer,” SAS said. “There are so many involved. There are genius designers behind it. There are people on the assembly line putting the pieces together for the final product.

“Space Albert is like that. This isn’t just one artist putting up art on the blockchain. We have a different context. We want to make a dent in the metaverse.”

And their artwork is different, as well. Each of the pieces have unique and quirky attributes with different backgrounds from different time periods. It’s visually appealing, to be sure.

But that’s only where Space Albert begins.

Hype is Not their Strategy

SAS shared what really makes them different from other players in the crypto/metaverse game.

“The main focus of Space Albert is utility. As we look down the roadmap, we are going to introduce gameplay. The time travel and gameplay experiences are going to be the core of Space Albert’s mission,” SAS said.

They’re serious about it. In fact, one of the things that sets them apart from a lot of other NFT projects is their willingness to invest in the product instead of the promotion involved in getting funding.

Yes, you heard that right.

Their budget has gone mainly to the creation of Space Albert, and not on marketing to attract people to the platform.

SAS emphasized this with me.

“We haven’t even released a token, yet,” she said. “We want to show the world that we are serious and we are in it for the long haul. We even had Space Albert registered as a corporation. That’s why it’s ‘Space Albert, Inc.’ We have no intention of going anywhere. And we believe there is a place in this world for high-quality work.”

High-quality work is an understatement. Space Albert’s Website features a video of cinematic proportions with a song written specifically for Space Albert’s project.

“We also designed a VIP lounge. The concept of the lounge is for you to imagine a time-traveling airport. What would that lounge look like? What would it feel like to anticipate the travel you’re going to do? We have the lounge open so that VIPs can have a sneak peek.”

If the VIP lounge is any indication of what the other places in Space Albert’s world are like, then users are in for an experience beyond a lifetime. The intricate details of the build put it in a whole other class.

Give it a shot. On Space Albert’s Twitter, you can preview a mystery land and get an idea of the play experience.

But getting an advanced look at the build just scratches the surface of what Space Albert offers to some of its participants.

Better Together And Room For More

“Many NFT’s are struggling with utility,” SAS said. “And some of them only achieve utility at a primitive level. We have greater ideas for expansion than that.”

And the idea Space Albert has about expansion is out of this world (pun absolutely intended).

SAS continued, “For influencers, Space Albert is opening up opportunities to customize a destination. So, for instance, Gary Vee. We would be willing to customize a destination for Vee Friends which would be unique to what their interests are. We would bring them in on the development.”

This customizable offer puts the work of Space Albert on full display.

“We’ve made it that there is lots of room for collaboration with influencers and credible players in the industry who truly like to explore the game play of Space Albert,” SAS said.

I can’t lie to you. The thought of how cool it would be to see the hottest crypto influencers taking part in the development of a destination gets me fired up. What a great way to bring the most passionate people into the development of your own passion.

The First Step of a Journey to Another World

“Where would you go in time if you could?” SAS asked me.

Truly, I hadn’t thought about it. I told her that I’d like to go back in time and meet some famous authors like Earnest Hemingway or William Faulkner. I’m edgy like that. You can tell that I enjoyed being in the library at school more than the playground during recess.

But after I gave my answer, I realized I was thinking way too small.

“What if you could take a journey back to the paleolithic period?” SAS said. “Would that interest you? Or, what if you could go back and walk around, experiencing the dinosaurs? Or if the past isn’t something you’re interested in, how about exploring what the colonization of Mars might look like?

“All of these scenarios will be possible with Space Albert. Either move forward into the future or backward into the past.”

Forget you, Hemingway. I’m going to see a T-Rex.

With conviction, SAS said, “This is going to be the biggest time travel theme park in the metaverse.”

It’s clear that just as much thought went into the onramp of the game as the beauty of its build. Space Albert shows consistency across the board in its care for quality.

“It begins with the purchase of a 2D NFT,” she said. “After this, the purchaser receives a 3D playable metaverse character deposited directly into their wallet. The first participants are going to be super fortunate to be part of the project. After this, collecting the Quantum XP’s is what unravels different points of the game. It’s how the game works.”

I’ll tell you this. If the care that went into getting the design right is an indication of what the game may be like, the game certainly will work.

Where Do We Beam Up?

“If you want to be involved,” SAS said. “The best place to go is to our Discord page and our Twitter account. Find people in the community and get connected. If you message the official Twitter page, we have someone around the clock responding to DM’s. And you definitely should get involved.”

Confidence With Rocket Fuel

If you’re looking for a new NFT, you may want to slow the cart while passing Space Albert.

Sure, there are a lot of other options out there. But you’re going to have to take a chance, so why not take a chance on one where the developers have poured eons of heart, soul, and T-Rexes into their project?

When developers go all-in on creating the most immersive experience possible, I sure feel more confident betting on a project like Space Albert.


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