Conference Announcement: Shitcoin

For those who aren’t in Miami, well, they’ve got you covered too.

Who doesn’t love a meme coin?

There are some folks out there who are bitcoin maximalists, but the cool kids like to dig in and try to figure out where the next 1000x will happen.

It’s all about information.

Does a new coin have buzz?

Does it have a strong community?

If it has an energetic Discord group or Twitter following, it’s worth keeping an eye on. But in general, finding the next big breakout coin isn’t easy.

What if there was a conference that brought together a group of alt-coin enthusiasts?

There is!

And it’s got the best name ever: Shitcoin2022. Blockster will be covering this conference in Miami on April 5th and 6th. We know that it will be a great opportunity to meet coin creators, investors, DAO folks, and learn from the dozens of speakers, including Blockster Head of Communications, Gabrielle Pelicci, Ph.D. who is speaking on ‘Marketing for Launch Success.’ The CEO of NeftyBlocks, Juan Paniagua is also slated to speak, along with the host of RiceTV. It’s a great lineup, and you won’t want to miss it.

Tickets are priced to be affordable to the public and attract the local community. In-person isn’t the only way to attend, because Shitcoin Conference has partnered with GM WAGMI, Blockchain UniVRse, and Pixelord to curate an unforgettable meta-conference experience.

Let’s all get together, do some networking, learn the latest on our favorite coins, and see where it takes us.

No, I’m not inserting a cliché here.

But I might, if you run into me at Shitcoin.

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