Compensation In Bitcoin – 5 Companies That Would Pay You In Crypto

Advantages and Disadvantages of Crypto Payments

It is fair to say it is still risky due to volatility, and there have been some ugly incidents – like the one where an employer-paid his workers in BTC and demanded it back after it grew sevenfold. Still, the strengthening of Bitcoin and the growing adoption are making payouts in cryptocurrencies increasingly attractive to both parties. Below is the list of five companies who either pay compensations in crypto – or are on the verge of doing so.

Companies that Pay in Crypto

Wings to Claim (1) – a Spanish legal association that handles air travel-related claims – has recently partnered with Criptan, a crypto exchange based in Valencia. From now on, it can settle payments in BTC or several other cryptocurrencies, should the client choose so.

Since April, all members of The Sacramento Kings (2) basketball team have the option to get their salaries in Bitcoin. Just to give you an idea of turnover volumes: the base salary of Buddy Hield, their Shooting Guard, is well over 24 million dollars this season – or around 550 BTC at the time of writing.

The world of professional football is keeping up, as Southhampton FC (3) signs a three-year deal with Coingaming Group to pay player bonuses in BTC. Even though bonuses are just a tiny percentage of the players’ salaries, it still might be really bullish for the coin.

You can get Bitcoins for your hard work in The Kansas City Chiefs (4) as well – at least if you are as cool as Sean Culkin. According to Coindesk, this year Chiefs’ own “Thor” will take his whole base salary – $920,000 – in BTC.

And lastly, The City Commission of Miami (5) creates an important precedent by putting forward a proposal about paying part of their workers’ wages in crypto. Quoting the city’s mayor Francis Suarez, “This […] would also allow the city manager to cooperate with Miami county for taxes to be paid in Bitcoin” – which is definitely another step toward the coin’s full recognition.

This is all very early on in crypto’s life cycle and as adoption grows, it is not a stretch to imagine regular salaries being paid in crypto.

Would you say yes to getting your salary in cryptocurrencies?

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