Comedian Steve Harvey Selling NFT for Charity, Holds Bitcoin and Ethereum

Avoiding the traditional methods, Harvey decided to make use of the crypto industry and its trends, which led him to sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

NFTs Are Shaking Up the Industry

I personally think that this was a very interesting approach, as it shows that NFTs can have yet another use case, in addition to everything that was pointed out to the public so far. The NFTs that Harvey is selling feature him, personally, and the fact that he is doing it for charity instead of it being a simple cash grab makes the entire thing even better.

Harvey is far from being the first celebrity to jump on the NFT bandwagon, of course, and he also admitted that this is not his first encounter with the crypto industry. In fact, he revealed that he owns both Bitcoin and Ethereum and that he is a believer in crypto. He was already asked multiple times which coin he likes more of the two he owns, but he gave a bit of a diplomatic response, saying that he doesn’t prefer one over the other.

Actually, the only reason why he doesn’t hold other cryptos is that he hasn’t yet done research on other projects.

Harvey NFTs

But I digress. Regarding his NFTs, they were launched less than two weeks ago, on May 14th, on Rarible. He selected Rarible because he found them the most open to collaboration. Harvey also said that Rarible turned out to be quite user-friendly, which is a big plus for people with no previous experience with crypto and NFTs.

Rarible co-founder Alexander Salnikov commented on the partnership with Steve, saying that he is honored to host his first NFT drop. Salnikov sees great potential in teaming up with such a well-known and vocal individual who gets to speak to people everywhere. Like Rarible’s co-founder, I am also quite interested in seeing whether his involvement will provoke a reaction from a global user base.

Would you buy Steve Harvey’s NFTs to help his charity?

● Yes, it is a great use for NFTs

● I would donate to the charity but not through NFTs

● No, I don’t trust NFTs

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