Colony Lab On Target For $21 Million Raise — About The Project

How then can these retail investors partake in and fund an accelerator program of a propitious project just like others? Colony Lab has come to bridge this gap via its revolutionary approach and unique features.

Colony lab is a Defi project or protocol that runs on Avalanche blockchain. It’s a liquidity pool that presents the features of traditional venture capital to the Defi space. The project targets investing in and developing the Avalanche ecosystem by giving the existing and developing projects financial aid. This article reveals how Colony lab is on target for a $21 million raise; it also explains more about the project.

Colony Lab on Target for $21 Million Raise

Colony lab is among the best investment platforms in Defi; it’s not just a liquidity pool. It holds and invests assets in various projects, which may either be established or start-up projects on the Avalanche network. The system follows the DAO model, whereby members have a say in the projects that receive the funds. From these projects, members will also have access to multiple airdrops as rewards for early investment.

However, Colony lab recently raised about $18.5 million from their initial launch led by the Avalanche Foundation. Avalanche community members participated in the launch as well as the GBV Capital, Shima Capital, Bixin Ventures, and Hashkey. They plan to disburse funds across the Avalanche to assist new potential projects to maintain an index with Avalanche projects. They will also verify networks through staking capabilities with the provision of liquidity for Defi protocols.

Through a new project, Colony labs have schemes that can raise $21 million from their initial $18.5 million. It has ecosystem farming that can enhance the community’s interest to invest more and early in projects with potential. This will bridge the gap and create opportunities that were previously accessed by venture capitalists and institutional investors only. The Colony, via its open governance mechanism, guarantees proper distribution of funds to the Avalanche ecosystem for the community benefit.

Funds raised via Colony’s investments will be channeled back to the community through a buyback mechanism, airdrops, and staking rewards. More so, Colony lab plans through its validator program to use 10% of their assets in AVAX for staking. 50% of their capital for financing the growth and development of the best projects and teams building on Avalanche. They would also use another 10% on Avalanche projects ranked on coin market cap as rated by the community via voting.


Colony lab, a new Defi project, and a component of the Avalanche ecosystem were launched in Q4 2021 through an initial token sale. It targets to assist projects built on Avalanche through its initial capital deployments. The project also seeks to adopt a DAO structure in Q2 of 2022 via its subnet on Avalanche. This will help in decentralizing its system, creating new rewarding models for the holders of CLY tokens.

However, Colony lab, in a bid to raise more funds, focuses on designating most of its tokens for public sale. They intend to unlock all the tokens when the project goes live. Hence, individuals may consider investing a reasonable amount of fundshave in owning the $CLY on the IDO Avalaunch platform. This is another way to drive traffic to the platform.

Remember that cryptocurrencies are very volatile: don’t invest money that you can’t afford to lose.

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