Coinbase Offers Free Crypto In Return For Easy Quizzes – Don’t Miss Out!

That is why it is not surprising that thousands of people discover the crypto market every day and often lose money on it, entering this space on a wave of hype but without understanding its essence. Of course, the intense interest from non-professionals quite quickly caught the eyes of regulators on the crypto market.

Coinbase is Driving the Market Forward

In response, the US-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase launched a clever PR campaign. The essence of their move is to strengthen the reputation in the eyes of the vigilant regulator and at the same time attract a vast number of new users who will trust crypto.

Coinbase literally decided to give away money to increase crypto literacy. The scheme is as easy as pie — you follow the lessons on their website, and you get crypto assets for educating yourself. It is pretty clear that this step should have become a sign for regulators, who increasingly keep accusing crypto companies of simplifying investments and instilling an attitude to them like a game.

Coinbase Seeks to Educate Investors About the Technology

So, how does it work? First, you need to visit Coinbase earn page.There you can watch videos devoted to different digital assets, their functions, and, after that, complete a short quiz or task. As soon as you finish them, you will earn a small amount of these assets. For each test you pass, you will receive cryptocurrency in your Coinbase Wallet.

Before claiming the award, make sure to confirm your personal information, complete registration and add a photo to your account. Also, check if your country is on the approved list, meet internal fraud and compliance-related criteria, as well as requirements for account uniqueness. Remember, you should have only one active account to get the reward.

Obviously, these simple tasks won’t net you a fortune, but this is an excellent opportunity to start. I think, at present, this is an excellent initiative of the crypto giant, which will be a splendid example for other market players. I assume it will create a pool of more conscious investors, so I support it.

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