Polygon Is Leading The Way Towards Mainstream Adoption

Polygon Is Leading The Way Towards Mainstream Adoption

In a move that is sure to excite their fans, Polygon has recently announced partnerships with major brands…
Apex XRPL Summit, Vegas September 2022

The Emerging DeFi & NFT Features On XRPL: Everything You Need To Know

XRPL is all set to step into the next stage of evolution, and the timing couldn’t have been…
Tommy Hilfiger Metaverse NYFW, September 2022

NYFW Enters The Metaverse: Puma, Tommy Hilfiger & More

This year’s New York Fashion Week (NYFW) was quite different from years past. With the rise of Web3…
Web3 Adoption

How Far Along Are We With Web3 Adoption?

The internet as we know it is evolving. A new web is emerging, one that is decentralized, open…
Nike's RTKFT NFT sneakers
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Why Fashion Will Fuel The Next Crypto Bull Run

The world of fashion is no stranger to digital disruption. In recent years, we've seen the rise of social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, which have changed the way that people discover and consume fashion. And now, we're seeing the rise of Web3 technologies...
Metaverse Luxury Real Estate, by
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5 NFT Utility Trends We’re Seeing Right Now

The NFT boom began with art collectibles and memorabilia, but today we’re seeing a new wave of NFTs coming out accompanied with utilities. NFTs are penetrating different industries due to the sheer versatility they possess. Utility NFTs are one of the emerging trends we’re seeing...
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August NFT Roundup: Top Sales, IP Controversy & Future Growth

August has not been a particularly great month for NFT enthusiasts, primarily because both the number of sales and sale volume of NFTs dropped by around 43 and 74 percent, respectively. According to Dune Analytics, $26,147,513 in NFT sales occurred on 1st August 2022, a...
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Tune in to the Hottest Web3 Music Trends

Imagine finishing up your last email for the day and going to your living room for Justin Bieber’s live concert. No, you’re not just streaming another Coachella set from your favorite spot on the couch. You are letting loose in the crowd – wondering where...
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Experiential Shopping in the Metaverse. Amazon about to get REKT

Buying clothes on Amazon has never been enjoyable, with a user experience that has forever overlooked the unique demands of apparel shoppers. Amazon serves up the same half-assed (and generally static) visual representations of apparel, resulting in a shopping experience that is neither cohesive nor...