Allys Ton, Co-Founder of 'appreciate' Web3 App

Blockchain Technology Is Transforming Luxury Ownership

The ‘appreciate app’ is transforming the relationship between people and their items by crafting a new data structure…
SamJ, Gucci Vault's Rising NFT Artist on SuperRare

Spotlight On Gucci Vault’s Rising NFT Artist, SamJ

In an exclusive interview with Blockster, emerging digital fashion artist SamJ tells-all about their introduction into the Web3…
King of Midtown with Ice Cube. The Crypt Gallery

Creating IRL Web3 Experiences At The Crypt Gallery

The Crypt Gallery hosts two IRL spaces in New York and LA, with both allowing NFT artists and…
Nihar Neelakanti, Founder & CEO of Ecosapien NFTs

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With The EcoSapien NFTs

How The Ecosapien NFTs Are Helping Fight Climate Change NFT’s have evolved past just market hype and FOMO,…
Magic Eden, NFT Marketplace CEO, Jack Lu

Magic Eden CEO On The Future Of The Billion-Dollar NFT Marketplace

It has been one year since the launch of Magic Eden, the fast-growing NFT marketplace that reached unicorn…
Hollywood Producer Adhrucia Apana Discusses Web3 Film
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Hollywood Producer Adhrucia Apana Is At The Forefront of Web3 Film

Web3 is transforming traditional Hollywood storytelling, and Emmy-nominated filmmaker Adhrucia Apana is at the forefront of the revolution. “I have always been an artist who believes in the artist economy and believes in building business practices around it that allow artists to create with more...
Actor David Bianchi. FuturesShape360 (FS360)
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Actor David Bianchi Is Bringing Hollywood To The Blockchain

Film and television are hitting the blockchain as Hollywood steps into the metaverse. Acclaimed actor David Bianchi, known for his roles in Netflix’s “True Story’’ and Peacock TV’s “Resident Alien,” is one of the early Hollywood actors to bring acting and filmmaking into Web3. The...
Bassy Bob, Founder of Nfty Tunes, Web3 Music Platform
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Grammy-Winning Producer, Bassy Bob Is Revaluing Music With Web3

From a .003 cent streaming transaction in Web2 to a $3,000 dollar transaction in Web3 — this is how Grammy-winning record producer “Bassy” Bob Brockmann is changing the valuation of music with blockchain technology. With decades of experience in the music industry, Brockmann has produced...
Miles Deutscher, Crypto Investor & Analyst on Crypto Banter YouTube Show
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Meet Miles Deutscher. The 21-Year Old Who’s Bringing Crypto To The Masses

Miles Deutscher is a 21 year-old Australian crypto investor and analyst, known for sharing his research with his 150k Twitter followers, and hosting a daily livestream in front of 570k subscribers on Crypto Banter, YouTube’s fastest growing crypto network. But Miles Deutscher’s journey into...
STEPN CMO, Shiti Rastogi. Fitness, Move-and-Earn App
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STEPN CMO: “NFTs Are The Future Of Fitness”

Track your movement, earn crypto — this is the future of fitness. Using a “move-and-earn” model, STEPN is a health and fitness Web3 lifestyle app where users purchase sneakers in the form of NFTs to track their jog outdoors to earn GST (the game’s utility...
Adriana Arce, NFT collection. Photo by Lauren King.
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Web3’s Sexiest & Most Disruptive NFT Experience

While Web3 may be a male-dominated space making up 74% of the market, the women of Web3 are embracing the new technology to empower each other, and to help increase female presence in this space. One woman who is doing just that is Adriana Arce,...
MIT Web3 Summit, Natalie Salesmink
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MIT’s Web3 Summit Sparks Optimism Amongst Top Thought Leaders

While news about the metaverse and cryptocurrencies have swept through the mainstream media, society is still trying to decipher hype from reality in the early days of the new era. To better understand how Web3 will be shaping our society in the coming years, MIT...
Haydn Snape, Founder of DIG
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Meet Crypto King, Haydn Snape, Founder of DIG

This week at Blockster, we're turning the spotlight to a true Crypto King, Haydn Snape—who we had the pleasure to connect with during NYC NFT. Haydn kicked off NYC NFT with a spectacular event at the Nebula night club, accompanied by the prestigious Status Luxury...
Ashanti, NFT collection
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Ashanti: A Powerful Web3 Voice for a New Generation of Artists

The recap of NYC NFT continues! This time, we're bringing the spotlight to a powerful Web3 voice, Ashanti, who's recently dropped an NFT collection on the 20th anniversary of her debut album. Whilst celebrating her music NFT drop, she is now also inspiring a new...
NYC NFT DIG Gotham Event
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Gotham Magazine & DIG Host VIP Investor Event for NYC NFT

NYC NFT was kicked off Sunday night with a VIP investor cocktail event in partnership with Gotham Magazine, co-hosted by Nick Champagne and Chris Gravagna. The exclusive VIP investor event was hosted at Nebula Nightclub, one of the most popular Manhattan event and nightlife clubs...
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NFTimes Volume 21 – The NFT Community is Naive

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX – and new owner of Twitter – seems to be spending more of his time trolling people than actually working. About a week ago, he changed his Twitter profile picture to a collage of Bored Ape NFTs. ...
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Small But Mighty : Andrea Shaw – bitFlyer USA – CEO

Cryptocurrency is constantly moving. Every second, coins are bought, swapped, and sold. Crypto price graphs look like jagged mountain ranges with giant peaks and valleys. There are no days off for cryptocurrency, unlike in traditional finance markets. Crypto never sleeps.  bitFlyer, one of the largest...
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Sam Bankman-Fried Of FTX Is Amassing A Fortune And Giving It Away

Five years ago, Bankman-Fried began studying cryptocurrencies and how they're traded on different platforms and in various countries. Today, he is the founder and CEO of FTX, the third-largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume. This is nothing short of a meteoric rise. After founding and running...
Serena Williams
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EMerge Americas Convention – Serena Williams Rallies Behind DeFi

At first glance, Bored Apes, Crytopunks, tennis, soccer, and government don’t seem to have very much in common. But look closer, and you’ll find that Serena Williams is the common thread. Williams is scheduled to speak at the upcoming eMerge Americas convention in Miami, Florida....
kitty grier
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Kitty Grier And The NFT Girl Gang

Kitty Grier oozes cool. It may be her effortless style or her eye-popping websites, or that she is forging her own unique path through the cryptocurrency space. You know it when you see it, and Grier has it. Grier is a graphic designer and the...
Lil Durk 7220 NFT
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NXTG3NZ Set To Launch Lil Durk’s 7220 NFT

Lil Durk’s album was released in March this year, and while the artist is currently on a soon-to-be sold-out tour, he still found time to collaborate on a new NFT project. The Chicago native is no stranger to hard work, and he has thrown his...
peter thiel
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Peter Thiel Reveals His Enemies List And Declares War

It ended with an enemies list. It was a moment in history. Peter Thiel’s 20-minute keynote at the Bitcoin 2022 Conference (#bitcoin2022) gave the vast audience an uncompromising no-holds barred survey of the current monetary landscape, but it ended up sounding like a declaration of...
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Blockster Interview With Stori Founders – Designsta Sisters

Louise Cowley and Lucie Clark aka Designsta - the founders of Stori Hey Blocksters, when was the last time you could monetize your stories natively on social media? Most social media influencers rely heavily on brand deals/sponsorships, affiliate commissions, and selling merchandise or white-labeling products....
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VanEck CEO Has High Hopes For Blockchain Future

Jan van Eck, the CEO of VanEck, recently spoke about his views on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and other blockchain products, noting that he is highly optimistic about all three. According to van Eck, digital currencies will keep progressing, and he is extremely impressed by products...
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Miami Bitcoiners Meetup Hosts Neil Jacobs & José Lemus, CEO Of IBEX

This year, they all converged into one spectacular day! The Miami Bitcoiners Meetup was Thursday, March 17th, at Heartland. Located on the edge of Little Haiti, Heartland boasts a Miami-tropical casual energy. It has a beautiful open-air space with gigantic Bayan and Oak trees adorned...
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Miami Mayor Teams Up With Paxful

Digital payment platform Paxful recently entered into a partnership with Miami mayor Francis Suarez, as well as with a non-profit organization known as Built With Bitcoin Foundation. The partners are starting a new initiative that will spread awareness and understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology...
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Former Malaysian Footballer Azman Adnan To Launch NFTs

Will your favorite athlete be next to launch an exclusive NFT with priceless perks? From popular music artists to Hollywood actors–and now even athletes–many famous faces and names all over the world are diving head-first into the very deep NFT hype rabbit hole. Not surprising!...
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Women Who Defy – Empowering Women With Crypto Defy Trends

If you’ve ever tried to learn about cryptocurrency on your own, it can be confusing. The industry is full of acronyms, slang, and cryptic candlestick charts. To a newcomer, it can feel like learning a foreign language. Defy Trends was created to shed some light...
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Elon Musk Announces He Will Keep His Cryptos

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, recently caused another minor crypto rally after tweeting that he intends to keep his cryptocurrencies during this time of uncertainty. Musk stated that it is better to own physical things, such as a home or stock in...
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Justin Sun Rejects Defamatory Accusations

Tron Founder Accused of Several Illegal OperationsAn article by The Verge, published on Wednesday (March 9, 2022), written by Christopher Harland-Dunaway, alleged that Sun was possibly involved in a litany of illegal activities. The reporter stated that he received information about the crypto entrepreneur's operations...