The Bay Apes - NFT Nightlife Membership

Unlock The Premium Nightlife With The Bay Apes NFT Membership

The NFT boom of 2021 was all about collectibles, memorabilia, and connecting with celebrities and brands. But since…
Magic Eden - ETH NFT Trading Tools

Magic Eden Begins Testing Ethereum NFT Trading Tools In Beta

After announcing its plans to go multi-chain last month, Solana-exclusive NFT marketplace Magic Eden has now officially begun… NFT Platform Goes Live on the Hedera Network is the most recent NFT company to launch on the Hedera network, following LG Electronics. As a microservice,…
OneOf NFT Platform Drop New Collection of Marylin Monroe's Iconic Photos

OneOf Drops NFT Collection Of Iconic Marylin Monroe Photos

Collectors Can Purchase The Redemption Token With Access To Physical Print With A Digital Certificate Of Authenticity Verified…
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An Enlightenment Of The Real Power of NFTs

As we continue to see crypto prices fluctuate and plunge with relative volatility, as well as observe the occasional demise of entire blockchain projects, it’s understandable to see why bullishness in the NFT space- whether that be from venture capitalists (VCs) or general consumers- is...
Legends of Rock: David Bowie Photo NFTs, OneOf
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Legends of Rock: David Bowie Photos Drop On OneOf NFT Platform

The NFT Allows Collectors to Purchase A Redemption Token Giving Access to a Physical Print of The Photograph With A Digital Certificate Of Authenticity Verified on the Blockchain -- September 13, 2022 - Green Web3 platform OneOf announced a new collection with David Bowie as part of their partnership...
Nike's RTKFT NFT sneakers
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Why Fashion Will Fuel The Next Crypto Bull Run

The world of fashion is no stranger to digital disruption. In recent years, we've seen the rise of social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, which have changed the way that people discover and consume fashion. And now, we're seeing the rise of Web3 technologies...
Steve Aoki Partners with DraftKings
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Steve Aoki Joins DraftKings To Support NFT-Based Fantasy Sports Series

BOSTON & LOS ANGELES  –  Today, DraftKings Inc. (Nasdaq: DKNG) and Steve Aoki announced that the two-time Grammy-nominated DJ and producer has agreed to become an official brand ambassador of DraftKings Marketplace. Steve Aoki will support DraftKings’ Web3 efforts, with an emphasis on the Reignmakers franchise, an NFT-based...
EventsFrame NFT Ticketing Platform
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EventsFrame Launches NFT Ticketing Platform For The Masses

EventsFrame Has Reinvented Itself & Now Unveils Their Blockchain-Based NFT Ticketing Solution As it embraces this new world and taps into the untold potential of the latest technology offering, EventsFrame is set to become the mainstream standard for NFT ticketing.  The event industry is on...
Dour Fits, Web3 Fashion Game
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See What’s Trending This Week In Web3

Since the NFT and blockchain boom in 2020, numerous celebrities, entertainment studios, and brands have entered the Web3 space. Blockchain and its use cases have penetrated industries such as music, sports, and fashion — and of course, celebrities are all joining the bandwagon to establish...
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Get The Doja Cat x JBL NFTs Ahead Of The JBLFest In Vegas

Doja Cat and JBL launched their new “Fresh Fruit by Doja Cat x JBL NFT” collaboration in partnership with OneOf. The collection has been released across five drops, giving fans the chance to attend the long-awaited return of JBL Fest 2022 in Las Vegas from...
Doge Vodka by SpiritPunks — Funded by Draper Goren Holm
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Introducing The Doge Vodka Founders’ Release By SpiritPunks

Bridging the gap between physical products and Web3, while enabling new lifetime value creation, the release of Doge Vodka by SpiritPunks aims to raise roughly $40,000 for the ASPCA. LOS ANGELES, September 1, 2022 – SpiritPunks, the flagship project from luxury consumer packaged goods (CPG)...
VMAs 2022, Snoop Dogg & Eminem BAYC
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BAYC Slayed The VMAs With Snoop & Eminem

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is one of the most heavily "celebrity-endorsed" NFT projects currently available on the market. And they truly scored a home run on Sunday, with Eminem and Snoop Dogg performing their latest song literally as their Bored Ape avatar.  Reminiscing...
Metaverse Luxury Real Estate, by
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5 NFT Utility Trends We’re Seeing Right Now

The NFT boom began with art collectibles and memorabilia, but today we’re seeing a new wave of NFTs coming out accompanied with utilities. NFTs are penetrating different industries due to the sheer versatility they possess. Utility NFTs are one of the emerging trends we’re seeing...
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August NFT Roundup: Top Sales, IP Controversy & Future Growth

August has not been a particularly great month for NFT enthusiasts, primarily because both the number of sales and sale volume of NFTs dropped by around 43 and 74 percent, respectively. According to Dune Analytics, $26,147,513 in NFT sales occurred on 1st August 2022, a...
ReplicantX NFTs by Steve Aoki & Seth Green
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Steve Aoki & Seth Green Launch Replicant X NFTs

Hollywood, CA — Steve Aoki the globally recognized, GRAMMY nominated music producer, artist, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and Web3 visionary is putting his NFT mascot Character X‘s next chapter, Replicant X - a replication of Character X - in the hands of his fans. Replicant X is...
IPX's Virtual Influencer Wade NFT Collection
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IPX & CRIPCO Introduce Virtual Influencer WADE On Magic Eden

This partnership spawns the introduction of the WADE Friends & Family Membership NFT which allows holders to unlock access to exclusive fashion and music events, as well as digital ownership to globally recognized IPs. San Francisco - Magic Eden, the leading destination for NFT discovery,...
SuperGucci NFT Collection. Made by @SuperPlastic
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The Beginner’s Guide To NFTs

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are assets on a blockchain with unique data that differentiates them from each other. NFTs are also cryptocurrencies on the blockchain but unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, there can only be one original form of a particular NFT. They are called non fungible...
EDU of Psychedlics Anonymous on Magic Eden, NFT Marketplace
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Magic Eden Announces Expansion To The Ethereum Blockchain

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 2, 2022 -- Magic Eden, the leading community-centric NFT marketplace, today announced that it will be adding and integrating Ethereum NFTs into their platform. Since its launch in September 2021, Magic Eden has seen over 90% of secondary trading volume and US$2B USD in total trade volume...
NFTiff CryptoPunks Collaboration
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Bling Out Your CryptoPunks Avatar With Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co is making its way into the Web3 space with the upcoming launch of the NFTiff project — a special collaboration with CryptoPunks, allowing holders to create custom designed pendants from their avatars. Tiffany & Co appears to be the first luxury jewelry...
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USHER x Remy Martin Release A Limited-Edition NFT Bottle

NEW YORK, July 26, 2022 -- Rémy Martin, Cognac Fine Champagne, and Grammy award-winning musical artist Usher have teamed up to launch the "Usher x Rémy Martin 1738: A Taste of Passion" global campaign, featuring a limited-edition bottle and NFT, whose design was inspired by A.I. integrated technology....
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The Latest Phygital Trends In Fashion

What makes NFTs so unique is that there will only ever be one original. The power of this verifiable originality at scale is the key reason why NFTs are becoming an arsenal for fashion. The crossroad between fashion and Web3 allows for fans to receive physical...
First Ape Wives Club FAWC NFT, Luxury Club
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Get Hollywood Access & Luxury Travel Perks with These NFTs

Gaining access to communities and experiences that have typically been guarded by gatekeepers or been inaccessible to the general public in the past is an incredible perk some major NFT projects offer their holders. An upcoming project whose utility is no exception is the First...
Holaplex, Decentralized Platform for NFT art community
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A Decentralized Open-Source Platform for NFT Creators

Today we are excited to feature one the community’s top enablers for Web3 development: Holaplex. They are the original provider of open-source software to the Holaplex Community of NFT creators and collectors. Holaplex launched in November 2021 with a mission to build a future that...
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Inside Look Into A Leading NFT Creative Agency

Meet the Creative Duo Behind Some of the Biggest Music Acts Like Chainsmokers and Coldplay — Who Are Now Fully Embracing Web3 It's an interesting time to be connecting with people from the NFT world. The marketplace has been steadily falling since the start of...
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The Captivating Story of Beating Cancer with Web3 Art

The captivating story of beating cancer with web3 art is the happy ending to what started as the most horrific news anyone can receive. The diagnosis was immediate, sharp, and shocking: cancer—malignant and spreading fast. Mechell Lord’s life would now be irreversibly altered. To survive...
GDS Gallery, Web3 Art
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From Vogue to Virtual: Stepping Into Web3 Art

Blockster's Web3 art contributor, William Laurent, sits down with Gabriel Di Sante, a celebrity photographer, and more recently a Web3 art gallery owner to talk about his personal experience with the Web3 art movement. --- Gabriel Di Sante is a Venezuelan-born celebrity photographer whose work...
Adriana Arce, NFT collection. Photo by Lauren King.
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Web3’s Sexiest & Most Disruptive NFT Experience

While Web3 may be a male-dominated space making up 74% of the market, the women of Web3 are embracing the new technology to empower each other, and to help increase female presence in this space. One woman who is doing just that is Adriana Arce,...
Broadway Exchange NFT Marketplace
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An NFT Marketplace to Support Broadway Live Theater

The past two years have been difficult for Broadway and for live theatre. COVID-19 shut down all productions, and subsequent variants, including Omicron and Delta, continue to have an impact. For audiences, it meant not seeing the shows they know and love. For producers, actors,...
Music NFT, Chaos
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Spotlight on a Unique Music NFT Collective, Chaos

While NFT technology is still in its infancy, many artists are beginning to explore the Web3 space as it offers its creators both financial and creative freedom. We're seeing individual artists, as well as collaborative projects, like Songcamp, build digital communities and ecosystems to help...
BAYC Ape Fest Kicks Off NYC NFT
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The BAYC Ape Fest Kicks Off NYC NFT in Good Spirit

NYC NFT Week officially kicks off this week! Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably come across dozens of Bored Ape YC posts on Twitter, sharing their stories about the upcoming NYC Ape Fest.   Of all the NFT communities, the...
Prada NFT
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The Prada NFT Campaign Becomes a Phygital Force

Luxury goods manufacturers are rushing to embrace the world of the “phygital”— launching sales campaigns, like the Prada NFT campaign, that give sophisticated consumers the opportunity to purchase physical merchandise complemented by digital assets. Recently, elite Italian fashion brand Prada engineered an exceptionally effective phygital...
Los Malandros NFT
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5 Awesome NFT Artists to Follow on Instagram

Check out these 5 NFT artists who’ve made it onto Blockster’s favorites list. They’re doing awesome work and building strong communities, and of course, the artwork is stunning. They’re not running any special promotions or dropping anything huge right now—we just really like them, and...
fashion Metaverse
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The Future of Fashion: 5 Fashion Brands Dominating Web3

The Future of Fashion is the Metaverse Metaverse Fashion Week has been the most hyped fashion week of this year. DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, Paco Rabanne, Dolce & Gabbana, Etro, Charles & Keith, and Prive Porter made history, as they showcased their collections along with popular...
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Is Azuki A Rug Pull?

The NFT market is suffering terribly under the weight of the recent crypto crash. This was only made worse when the community learned about the sketchy history of Zagabond, the creator of the blue-chip NFT collection, Azuki. Azuki is a simple set of 10,000 generative...
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Flyfish Club – The World’s First NFT Restaurant

Going to dinner for some people is not about simply satisfying hunger pangs or eating a good meal; it’s an event – with elegant attire, dim lighting, great wine, and the finest chefs in the world creating beautiful art. This isn’t simply grabbing a bite...
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Getting Bearish with the Okay Bears NFT Project

Okay Bears is an NFT project built on the Solana Blockchain. Have you seen a well-dressed & fashionable bear on your Twitter timeline saying "WAGBO"? That's them.  Okay Bears minted on April 26th, 2022, and have already experienced jaw-dropping rallies – a welcome relief in...
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Welcome to Web3, Mosseri- Instagram Takes to NFTs

Instagram is making its way to Web3 (better late than never). Yesterday, the Meta-owned social media mecca announced its plans to incorporate blockchain technology- joining the likes of Twitter and Tiktok. Set to pilot as early as Monday, Instagram will begin to feature NFTs. Utilizing...
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Gucci to Accept Cryptocurrency After Entering the Metaverse

First it was the Metaverse, then the NFTs, now crypto payments will be accepted to buy real luxury goods. ‘Gucci gang… Gucci gang… Gucci gang,’ these super catchy lyrics flash through the minds of all Millennials when they think of Gucci. Everyone wants to be...
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Tune in to the Hottest Web3 Music Trends

Imagine finishing up your last email for the day and going to your living room for Justin Bieber’s live concert. No, you’re not just streaming another Coachella set from your favorite spot on the couch. You are letting loose in the crowd – wondering where...
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NFTimes Volume 21 – The NFT Community is Naive

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX – and new owner of Twitter – seems to be spending more of his time trolling people than actually working. About a week ago, he changed his Twitter profile picture to a collage of Bored Ape NFTs. ...
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DeGods Skyrocket and DAO Buys the Killer 3’s

DeGods DAO made a splash in the headlines when it purchased the professional basketball team, Killer 3s, a 3-on-3 basketball team in the BIG 3 league founded by rapper and actor Ice Cube. DeGods purchased 25 Fire Tier editions of NFTs in exchange for the...
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It’s Time to Party in the A0k1verse with Steve Aoki

A new ecosystem that bridges the metaverse with the real world is about to elevate the experience of Steve Aoki’s fans Popularly known for throwing cake from the stage at EDM (Electronic Dance Music) festivals, Steve Aoki is a Grammy-nominated electronic dance music DJ, producer,...
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The Vatican Launches NFT Gallery

A walk through Vatican City is as close to time travel as humans will get. While its art collection feels frozen in time, it has a galvanizing force that changes the lives of those that gaze upon its beauty. The Vatican is one of Rome's...
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NFTimes Volume 20 – The Otherside Opens a New Chapter For NFTs

The entire NFT market has been waiting for Yuga Labs, the creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club, to launch its new project. It’s an innovative metaverse game called the Otherside, and at its foundation are 200,000 land NFTs.  100,000 of those NFTs, called Otherdeeds, dropped...
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A Project To Watch–NFTv

When I was growing up, Saturday morning meant one thing: cartoons. We didn’t have a lot of money back then, so my entertainment consisted of a handful of VHS cassettes (remember those?) with content I had recorded from TV programs. I still remember waiting to...
NFTs new era
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NFTimes 17 – The Dawn Of A New Era Of NFTs

Moonbirds, the profile picture project launched by PROOF Collective, the incredibly successful private discord for NFT traders and artists, led the charge. Moonbirds If you spend a lot of time in the NFT ecosystem, you’ve probably already heard chatter about Moonbirds. Yet not many people...
how to start an nft project
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NFTimes Volume 16 – How To Start An NFT Project By Yourself

If you have spent a decent amount of time in the NFT market, you have probably considered starting your own collection—especially when we see project founders making tens of millions of dollars in minutes by selling a few thousand profile pictures. The technical difficulty it...
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Beds On The Blockchain – Non-Fungible Furniture

The first “grown up” bed that I recall sleeping in was a hand-me-down mattress from my older sister. Bear in mind, she was fourteen years older, and it was her first “grown-up” bed. Of course, by the time I started sleeping in it, it was...
ufc nfts
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The Ultimate Match–UFC And NFTs

“Let’s get ready to ruuuuuuuuuuummmmmm–” Sorry. I mean, “Let’s get ready to talk NFTs!” That’s why you came here, right? If you live under a rock or otherwise don’t know, UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship, a brand synonymous with some of the most brutal...
solana nfts on opensea
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Solana NFTs Are Now Available On OpenSea

OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, just announced earlier today, April 7th, that it has added support for Solana NFTs. In its tweet, the company said that Solana will be available starting today, with OpenSea’s initial beta. The company also added that it will collect...
opensea marketplace
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Is OpenSea The Titanic Of The NFT Marketplace?

We all love stories of someone gaining or losing power—and I’m not talking in a kilowatt sense. Take, for instance, stories of an ascension to the throne. A king who started off as a peasant ends up claiming the highest form of royalty. I don’t...
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M1NTED: The First NFT Festival Made In Malaysia

The buzz for NFTs–and crypto in general–is gaining more mainstream attention. As Blockchain Hustlers, this is music to our ears. Recent Successes and High Interest in Major NFT Events WorldwideHave you ever been to an NFT event or conference? Miami hosted Miami NFT week, LA...
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Confidence That’s Out Of This World: My Interview With Space Albert

Do you get tired of NFT projects that show promise but lack utility? And most importantly, how can you really have the confidence to know you’re investing in the right direction? Cryptocurrencies keep popping up like dandelions in the Spring. But if you’re looking for...
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Mt. Gox To Airdrop NFTs To Former Account Holders

The defunct cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox will give out non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to users who had accounts throughout the lifespan of the platform. The prospective NFT drop is not part of the civil rehabilitation process for creditors of the exchange. Mt. Gox Drops NFTs to...
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NFTimes Volume 12 – A Tale Of Two P2Es

Popular play-to-earn (P2E) NFT games have been an important pillar holding the market up. We also have to give credit to the startup behind Bored Ape Yacht Club, Yuga Labs. It has put out multiple tremendously impactful announcements recently that you can catch up on...
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Supernovas – Where Artists, Friends, And NFTs Go To Party

There's a fleeting moment when you discover something new and exciting. You almost forget to breathe as time stands still. Neurons fire, the brain races, and questions tumble out of your mouth. Your mind begins to fire and connect brilliant but random ideas, as future...
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Metazens – Edgy New NFT Project Ready To Launch

The Metazen Collection, created by Meredith Marsone, exemplifies this special kind of fire. Meet Meredith MarsoneMeredith Marsone, a talented painter and professional artist, has been shaping her art for twenty years using oil and canvas. She hails from New Zealand and has established herself as...
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NFTimes Volume 11 – $400 Million From One NFT Mint?

In the last edition of the NFTimes we covered a few massive moves made by Yuga Labs over the past 2 weeks. And they weren’t done. Yuga is the startup behind Bored Ape Yacht Club, the ultimate blue-chip NFT collection. Little did we know when...
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Mental Health And Meta: How NFTs Are Making An Impact

So how does the prevalence of mental health issues influence NFTs and the metaverse? For some businesses, quite a bit, actually. Three crypto companies seek to shine a spotlight on a topic that so often remains hidden in plain sight. Each of them varies in...
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Former Malaysian Footballer Azman Adnan To Launch NFTs

Will your favorite athlete be next to launch an exclusive NFT with priceless perks? From popular music artists to Hollywood actors–and now even athletes–many famous faces and names all over the world are diving head-first into the very deep NFT hype rabbit hole. Not surprising!...
bezoge earth
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The Fierce Bezogi – Don’t Call Them Cute

A lot is going on. The creators are launching the beta version of the game in Q2 this year; however, much remains to be done. So, where to start? Right here! Bezoge Earth has two websites. The websites are and ● breaks...
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NFTimes Volume 9 – Now THAT Is Utility

What is NFT Utility?NFT projects all fall somewhere on an extremely wide spectrum of utility. Some have none; others are life-changing. The best way to evaluate a project’s utility is to look at its returns. It’s about profit. If you are just looking at which...
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Stripe Sees Stars – Fiat Payments For NFTs And Crypto

The company has a long history with cryptos, as it onboarded Bitcoin in 2014–only to remove it in 2018 due to latency issues. Now, Stripe believes that the industry deserves another chance and has partnered with crypto leaders to expand its services. Stripe, a fintech...
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Baidu Drops 20,000 NFTs As Its Marketplace Goes Live

Baidu, China’s third-largest tech giant, recently announced the launch of its native NFT marketplace. As part of the launch, the company is also airdropping a massive NFT collection featuring nostalgic Chinese cartoon characters. What is there to Know About Baidu’s Airdrop?According to Baidu, the marketplace...
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Ledger To Launch A Hardware Wallet For Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

The launch of the wallet also represents Ledger’s way to acknowledge the growing role of digital currencies in everyday life. Ledger, one of the biggest hardware crypto wallet manufacturers, recently announced plans to release a new hardware wallet for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). According to the...
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The NFTimes – Volume 8

The NFT market has taken another turn for the worst as the crisis in Ukraine continues. Almost every bluechip collection is down. Bored Apes dipped below 70 ETH, Azuki fell to 9 ETH and Cool Cats are struggling to break 7ETH again. Is it time...
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The NFTimes Volume 7 – Has NFTs?

If you’re an investor or trader, OpenSea is where it’s hopping. You can list your NFT on one of the new platforms like LooksRare or X2Y2, but you might struggle to find a buyer. OpenSea has the most volume, and in the incredibly illiquid NFT...
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The NFTimes Volume 6 – NFT Communities Show Their Worth

This week was supposed to be fantastic for NFTs. We had a ton of exciting project launches on the horizon. However, NFTs quickly became the last thing to worry about after the Russian invasion of Ukraine– and for good reason. Even without the recent massive...
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How NFTs Are Helping Nonprofits Raise Funds

Traditional fundraisers are an insane amount of work, and they may not always pay off. A venue must be rented. There is catering, alcohol, and tickets to consider. The gala must be staffed, and an agreeable date must be chosen. It’s like planning a wedding...