Virtual Influencer, Lil Miquela

Virtual Humans: The Next Frontier Of The Metaverse

Virtual humans can seem like a sci-fi concept, but they’re quickly becoming a reality. From digital assistants to…
How To Get Started In Decentraland

A Pro’s Tips For Getting Started In Decentraland

Although the metaverse offers an unrivaled medium for living, owning, and connecting with people in the digital realm,…
Kollectiff, Creative Tech Studio. Venice Beach, California

Kollectiff: Helping Brands Unlock The Full Potential Of NFTs

Kollectiff is a creative tech studio which leverages blockchain technology to help IP owners and brands unlock the…
Lamina1 - Neal Stephenson

Lamina1: One Metaverse To Rule Them All

Here at Blockster, we will always be eternally grateful for the stand-out individuals who’ve helped shape the direction…
Dubaiverse - Dubai Metaverse by The Sandbox
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Dubaiverse: The Sandbox’s Latest Mega City Addition

Following on from the pioneering success of its Hong Kong ‘Mega City,’ The Sandbox has announced that it will be launching a Dubai-themed metaverse called ‘Dubaiverse’. — The announcement, which was made by the platform’s owners Animoca Brands at last week’s 62nd True Global Ventures...
Tommy Hilfiger Metaverse NYFW, September 2022
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NYFW Enters The Metaverse: Puma, Tommy Hilfiger & More

This year's New York Fashion Week (NYFW) was quite different from years past. With the rise of Web3 and public interest in the metaverse, many brands have experimented with the vast benefits of implementing this technology into their showcasing. Let's explore some of the top...
Pocket Worlds
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Tips To Successfully Bring Your Business Into The Metaverse

As technology evolves, brands are seeking out increasingly targeted ways to connect with consumers in digital spheres. Over the years, consumer attention has shifted from print to television to social media, and now, to the metaverse. With this evolution, brands have an opportunity to implement...
MTV Video Music Awards, Best Metaverse
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MTV Video Music Awards, Best Metaverse Performance

The MTV Video Music Awards are just around the corner, and it is already making the headlines for the nominees and songs across various categories. However, this year, the award show decided to add another category: Best Metaverse Performance. For the uninitiated, there are numerous...
Vuzix Augmented Reality Glasses
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Vuzix: Sleek, Lightweight Augmented Reality Glasses

OAKLAND, CA - Vuzix makes “wearable computing systems that are going to look exactly like a pair of Gucci’s” says Vuzix founder and CEO, Paul Travers, in an interview with me on my show ‘Poppin Crypto with Cassius Cuvée’.  Vuzix is on the cutting edge...
Paris Hilton Sandbox Metaverse
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Paris Hilton Launching Metaverse In The Sandbox

ANNOUNCEMENT -- Paris Hilton this week announced that her company, 11:11 Media, will bring her world to the immersive virtual gaming world of The Sandbox. There, she'll launch a "land," in which she'll interact with her fans and sell digital goods. The platform said Hilton "is...
Tribute Brand. Digital Fashion
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Digital Fashion Brand Raises $4.5M To Bring Couture To The Metaverse

ANNOUNCEMENT  – Tribute Brand, a pioneer of digital fashion known for its distinct conceptual work reshaping the future of fashion, has raised $4.5M in its seed funding round. Tribute Brand launched in April 2020, and has since set the course for the global digital fashion market,...
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Luxury NFT Mansions in the Metaverse

There is no question that blockchain, Web3 and the Metaverse have all largely grown in popularity in recent years. While assets like NFT art have dominated the conversation, their luster has recently slowed down as the economy enters into a bear market. Web3 investors are...
Web3 NFT Models
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Web3 Leaves Supermodels In The Cold

Will Web3 and the Metaverse leave supermodels, as we know today, out in the cold? We agree on this point: crypto needs to be sexier. But who will be the arbiters of what is hot or not in our virtual future? The metaverse requires glamor...
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Metaverse Real Estate: Building Your Dream Home

The dynamics of metaverse real estate are beginning to mirror the property markets in real life. Case in point: having awesome neighbors can greatly boost the value of your virtual land. But grabbing a plot near a beloved celebrity comes with a huge financial cost;...
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See You at the Edge of the Metaverse

The crypto lifestyle is about networking, partying, and looking good – in the metaverse and real life.  But to be a baller at night, we need to keep our work hours productive and robust. The greatest advances in career and craft come when we are...
fashion Metaverse
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The Future of Fashion: 5 Fashion Brands Dominating Web3

The Future of Fashion is the Metaverse Metaverse Fashion Week has been the most hyped fashion week of this year. DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, Paco Rabanne, Dolce & Gabbana, Etro, Charles & Keith, and Prive Porter made history, as they showcased their collections along with popular...
Governance Tokens Empower Communities in the Metaverse
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Can Governance Tokens Empower Communities in the Metaverse?

While people are losing control over their governments in the physical world, governance tokens are getting hot in Web3. Last week, Common, a management platform “for every token” raised $20 million to help communities stay up to date with votes and decision making.  Weren’t we...
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The Psychedelic Industry Joins the Metaverse

Everyone has that one creepy neighbor. Mine has been giving me chills lately. The other day she followed me into the elevator and stared straight in my face, not saying a word. That ride lasted an eternity.  I don’t judge her. The state of mental...
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Sports, Big Data, and NFTs Collide in the Metaverse

The NBA playoffs were the main focus of sports fans this weekend. But some lucky ones also made it to Europe for another popular basketball tournament, the EuroLeague Final Four, which took place in the metaverse. Their avatars watched the game live from a virtual...
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Gucci to Accept Cryptocurrency After Entering the Metaverse

First it was the Metaverse, then the NFTs, now crypto payments will be accepted to buy real luxury goods. ‘Gucci gang… Gucci gang… Gucci gang,’ these super catchy lyrics flash through the minds of all Millennials when they think of Gucci. Everyone wants to be...
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Tune in to the Hottest Web3 Music Trends

Imagine finishing up your last email for the day and going to your living room for Justin Bieber’s live concert. No, you’re not just streaming another Coachella set from your favorite spot on the couch. You are letting loose in the crowd – wondering where...
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Experiential Shopping in the Metaverse. Amazon about to get REKT

Buying clothes on Amazon has never been enjoyable, with a user experience that has forever overlooked the unique demands of apparel shoppers. Amazon serves up the same half-assed (and generally static) visual representations of apparel, resulting in a shopping experience that is neither cohesive nor...
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It’s Time to Party in the A0k1verse with Steve Aoki

A new ecosystem that bridges the metaverse with the real world is about to elevate the experience of Steve Aoki’s fans Popularly known for throwing cake from the stage at EDM (Electronic Dance Music) festivals, Steve Aoki is a Grammy-nominated electronic dance music DJ, producer,...
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NFTimes Volume 20 – The Otherside Opens a New Chapter For NFTs

The entire NFT market has been waiting for Yuga Labs, the creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club, to launch its new project. It’s an innovative metaverse game called the Otherside, and at its foundation are 200,000 land NFTs.  100,000 of those NFTs, called Otherdeeds, dropped...
metaverse training
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Training For The Metaverse Marathon

My friend Billy recently told me he was worried about my health. It was nice of him to say it, because if I’m being honest, I was drinking a little too much out of the Big Mac sauce fountain rather than the fountain of youth....
billion dollar metaverse sale
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NFTimes Volume 18 – A Billion-Dollar Metaverse Land Sale?

This January, Bored Apes dethroned Cryptopunks as the top NFT project, and its floor price has continued to increase ever since. Part of this success comes from Yuga Labs’s ability to bring holders of their NFTs value. They have done this by airdropping more NFTs...
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Metaverse Misdemeanors–Crime In The Metaverse

As far as criminal history, I’m pretty clean. Well, almost. I confess, I’m a little afraid to look up my record because of the Treasure Trolls from the 90s. Let me explain. When I was a kid, my sister and I were scanning the aisles...
metaverse wedding
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Pros And Cons To A Metaverse Wedding

As soon as I felt the textured envelope and caught a glimpse of the calligraphy written on the outside, my chest sank. Instantly, I began calculating two things. First and foremost, I wondered, “how much is this going to cost me?” Comedian Jim Gaffigan once...
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Finding Lost Loved Ones In The Metaverse

It was my sister’s fault, not mine. I was too young to rent A Nightmare On Elm Street - Part 2 when I was in grade school. But my dad was passive, and my sister was persistent. The next two hours formed how I viewed...
metaverse pets
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Three Reasons To Take Your Pet To The Metaverse

I lost a seven-year battle with my wife. Well, I would say it was more of a stalemate. But I was the loser, nonetheless. You see, for seven years, she wanted a dog. Mind you, when we were married, we both touted that we weren’t...
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Looking Ahead To The Metaverse Bar Crawl

But when can we share a similar vibe in the metaverse? It’s not as far off as you might think. Metaverse Marketing: Digital Booze and Beer?In 2021, Crown Royal released a commercial that took aim at seltzer fans, with an emphasis on the metaverse. Outstanding...
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Mental Health And Meta: How NFTs Are Making An Impact

So how does the prevalence of mental health issues influence NFTs and the metaverse? For some businesses, quite a bit, actually. Three crypto companies seek to shine a spotlight on a topic that so often remains hidden in plain sight. Each of them varies in...
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Birthday Parties In The Metaverse, Is It Too Soon?

I was about to turn 29-years old. It would need to be epic. What was my first move? As an artist I’ve always valued providing new, unique immersive experiences for people to cherish. I started my crypto journey about 4-years ago, but only within the...
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Interoperability Across The Metaverse With GuildFI

It also bridges traditional gaming experiences–like online multiplayer games or trading card games–with new digital assets and industries such as crypto exchanges and decentralized applications (dapps) in the growing metaverse. The concept of creating guilds in the crypto space was born out of play to...