The Bay Apes - NFT Nightlife Membership

Unlock The Premium Nightlife With The Bay Apes NFT Membership

The NFT boom of 2021 was all about collectibles, memorabilia, and connecting with celebrities and brands. But since…
DCentralize, Web3 Music Frestival

DCentralize To Host UK’s First Web3 Music Frestival

DCentralize Festival will put the power back in the hands of the music community by transitioning into a…
Kollectiff, Creative Tech Studio. Venice Beach, California

Kollectiff: Helping Brands Unlock The Full Potential Of NFTs

Kollectiff is a creative tech studio which leverages blockchain technology to help IP owners and brands unlock the…
Psychedelics at LA Tech Week

Psychedelics At LA Tech Week

LA Tech Week ventured into a new dimension this year with psychedelics. The LA Tech Week x How…
SeatLabNFT Partners With Lost Village 2022 — NFT Festival Experience
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SeatlabNFT Deploys NFT Festival Experience At Scale

Lost Village became one of the first UK festivals to deploy NFT technology, at scale, for thousands of attendees to experience in partnership with SeatlabNFT. -- UNITED KINGDOM — The fast-growing NFT event ticketing startup SeatlabNFT partnered with Lost Village to create a pioneering immersive...
King of Midtown with Ice Cube. The Crypt Gallery
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Creating IRL Web3 Experiences At The Crypt Gallery

The Crypt Gallery hosts two IRL spaces in New York and LA, with both allowing NFT artists and collectors alike to connect with each other on a mass scale. King of Midtown (a.k.a Tommy), the founder and CEO of The Crypt Gallery, self-dubs the spaces...
Fintech Master Degree
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Where To Get Your Masters in FinTech

As technology evolves faster than ever before, more students are choosing specialties that allow them to keep up with the latest fintech trends. Programs such as traditional finance, accounting, and management now cross over into the fintech and blockchain space, and there are many universities...
Digital Nomad Crypto Lifestyle
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The Digital Nomad & Crypto Lifestyle Is On the Rise

Traveling around the world was a hassle a few years ago. Most likely, people would only travel to new places on a holiday, once or twice a year with their given three to four weeks of vacation days available. But since Covid hit in 2019,...
Bali NFT Week, Powered by SOULRICH
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SOULRICH: Empowering Independent Musicians Via NFTs

As mental health issues continue to plague the entertainment industry, up-and-coming creatives are rejecting mainstream record deals. Instead, they’re seeking refuge in SOULRICH: a movement to join forces with labels to empower independent musicians on the blockchain. -- In today’s world of click-bait headlines and...
Top 7 Universities for Blockchain Education
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Top 7 Universities Offering Blockchain & Digital Currency Degrees

Since the 2017 explosion of blockchain, many saw it as the next step in the financial evolution. People and even governments use crypto to buy goods and services. By 2022 crypto boomed into a multi-billion business. Fintech companies work on products for healthcare units, corporate...
3D Bored Punks Club. Created by @HatterPunks. Starbucks NFT Rewards
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Starbucks To Unveil NFT Rewards Next Month

Story written by TechCrunch, @sarahintampa. Starbucks will unveil its web3 initiative, which includes coffee-themed NFTs, at next month's Investor Day event. The company earlier this year announced its plans to enter the web3 space, noting its NFTs wouldn't just serve as digital collectibles, but would provide...
Gucci accepts ApeCoin $Ape payment via Bitpay
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Gucci Stores Now Accept ApeCoin (APE) Via BitPay

ANNOUNCEMENT -- BitPay, the world’s largest provider of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment services, has announced support for two new cryptocurrencies this week: ApeCoin (APE) and Euro Coin (EUROC). Consumers can now buy, store, swap and spend both ApeCoin (APE) and Euro Coin (EUROC) within the BitPay...
Solana Spaces NYC
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Solana Spaces NYC Opens Doors, “First of Several” Cities

Solana Spaces NYC showcases a glimpse into the future of IRL shopping, which will be tokenized and paired with NFTs. The newly minted "Solana Spaces" at the Hudson Yards held a private showing for media earlier this week, and Blockster was one of the lucky...
Metanoise: FutureShape360 NFT Event with Deadmau5
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FS360: The 3-Day, All Inclusive Mastermind Event

ANNOUNCEMENT -- Metanoise, a Web3.0 organization focused on creating a collective of builders, futurists, creatives, and tech leaders, will be hosting their immersive, NFT-driven music and mastermind summit, FutureShape360 (FS360) at the end of this month. FS360 is a fully NFT-gated, all-inclusive 3-day event, taking place July 29 -...
Ashanti, NFT collection
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Ashanti: A Powerful Web3 Voice for a New Generation of Artists

The recap of NYC NFT continues! This time, we're bringing the spotlight to a powerful Web3 voice, Ashanti, who's recently dropped an NFT collection on the 20th anniversary of her debut album. Whilst celebrating her music NFT drop, she is now also inspiring a new...
NYC NFT Week, 2022
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NYC NFT Was A Stellar Success! Here’s All The Details

While many speculated that NFT NYC might be off this year based on the climate and sentiment of uncertainty in the crypto space, it seems to be business as usual! From Sunday until late night Wednesday we've seen a collection of great activations. The true believers...
NYC NFT DIG Gotham Event
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Gotham Magazine & DIG Host VIP Investor Event for NYC NFT

NYC NFT was kicked off Sunday night with a VIP investor cocktail event in partnership with Gotham Magazine, co-hosted by Nick Champagne and Chris Gravagna. The exclusive VIP investor event was hosted at Nebula Nightclub, one of the most popular Manhattan event and nightlife clubs...
BAYC Ape Fest Kicks Off NYC NFT
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The BAYC Ape Fest Kicks Off NYC NFT in Good Spirit

NYC NFT Week officially kicks off this week! Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably come across dozens of Bored Ape YC posts on Twitter, sharing their stories about the upcoming NYC Ape Fest.   Of all the NFT communities, the...
Jules Muck, Austin 2022
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Bitcoin Burning: Live Art Performance by Jules Muck

Watch Jules Muck host a live art performance, and talk about her inspiration behind the Bitcoin artwork. The live art performance took place during this Consensus show in Austin Texas. As usually, the show attracted the biggest blockchain businesses and people from around the world....
Blockster, blockchain hustler
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Blocksters: Embrace The Blockchain Hustle

A Blockster is someone who embraces the blockchain hustle - he or she is a blockchain hustler. Blocksters are sharp, curious and always looking for opportunities. Fortunately the opportunities in crypto are virtually endless, meaning that Blocksters are always working on something and are constantly...
spotify nfts
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Music Monopolies Step into Web3

Spotify and Universal Music are experimenting with digital collectibles. Can music market giants help smaller artists promote their NFTs?    When the New York-based violinist and neuroscience music pioneer Masha Brodskaya launched her first NFT she wasn’t sure if it would be well received by the...
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Is a New Era of Social Media Coming Soon?

Web3 enthusiasts are excited about the launch of Lens Protocol, a new blockchain-based network that aims to provide an alternative to social media such as Twitter. But will Lens Protocol grow beyond its initial adoption?  Social media is broken, and finally, someone is trying to...
OG Crypto Kings
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These OG Crypto Kings Would Have Drank Your Blood

The official mascot of Hachinohe, Japan is not a majestic tiger, heroic fire-breathing dragon, or even an impish anime character adorned in Sailor Moon attire—it is Yopparai Hoyagi, which translated from (Hachinohe vernacular) Japanese means “drunk old man.” Yopparai Hoyagi wants you to show your...
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Eve World – The Power of Women Only Communities in Web3

The true power of Web3 lies in community building. The era of the influencer is ending, and the forging of genuine connections has become critical. Creators want to own their content and fans want meaningful access to the creators they follow.  People want someone honest...
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Hey Twitter! Unrequited Loyalty Has an Expiration Date

I have been booted off Twitter twice. My latest incarnation has seen me posting over the last year; however, I have had to resort to heavy self-regulation to ensure I don't get thrown into Twitter Jail again. The last time that happened, the jailer threw...
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Bitcoin Beach: The Real Life Crypto Community Village

Bitcoin is pumping this coastal village full of opportunities that will benefit the local community. Close your eyes deeply for a few seconds and imagine that you were suddenly born in an under-developed remote village, one where you do not have access to a bank...
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Living the Crypto Lifestyle to the Max

I am recruiting Blocksters today. If you are an independent thinker who lives the crypto lifestyle to the fullest and accepts complete responsibility for your financial future and personal life, you are already a Blockster. Congratulations. It is not the path of the masses that...
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Hard Fork Your Life II – Crossing Over into Crypto

In the Shibuya section of Tokyo sits a secluded and tumbledown neighborhood dubbed the “The Zaka” by those who regularly frequent her squalid charms. Known officially as Dogenzaka, this abstruse and constricted quarter of dark alleyways and dead-end passageways is home to a myriad of...
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Hard Fork Your Life: Crypto Addiction = Crypto Lifestyle

Crypto Addiction is Not Affliction Positioned on lofty concrete perches scattered throughout the high-rent districts of Tokyo, sit the most conspicuous signals of Japan’s crypto revolution. These monster billboards, with their bright colors, famous celebrities, and sleek designs, remind all who pass underneath of the...
Satoshi island
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Satoshi Island: The Luxurious Crypto Paradise Island

Living the crypto dream is no longer limited to Lambo selfies on social media or flexing a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT on an Apple Watch. Those actions may be how some of crypto’s super rich flaunt their success, but there’s a new flex coming....
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Crypto & Chill: Welcome To Coachellaverse!

Image credits: Coachella Since the ugly Covid-19 pandemic, the majority of music artists have been in the dark. Due to post-pandemic restrictions and regulations, most have been unable to perform live for their fans around the world. However, blockchain technologies like NFTs, Web3, and the...
formula 1 racing miami
Read More to Sponsor This Year’s Formula1 in Miami

Grab some sunblock and earplugs. Miami is hot, and it’s about to get loud. Crypto continues to tear through Miami, and this time it takes its place in Formula1 racing, sponsored by There’s no slowing down for crypto’s capital city, Miami. This spring, she...
miami nft week
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Miami NFT Week–Where Hooting And Hollering Has A Home

Miami is home to white-sand beaches and multicultural neighborhoods. But warm weather and great food are just the beginning. Miami’s art scene and lively nightlife are second to none. This coastal metropolis has embraced another industry that is quickly evolving: cryptocurrency. Miami NFT Week, a...
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Miami To Mine Crypto And Pay Dividends To Citizens

As I have noted before, Florida is one of the most crypto-friendly states in the Union, and Miami is the most crypto-friendly city in Florida. Miami’s mayor Francis Suarez made headlines by mining cryptocurrency to raise city revenue and then paying dividends to citizens who...
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The Immerse Global Summit Lights Up Miami This December

As Miami recovers from Bitcoin 2022, more conventions are gearing up and getting ready to take over the beautiful coastal city. Miami has quickly become the cryptocurrency and DeFi capital, a mecca for the fintech sector to meet, collaborate, network, and party. Miami has warm...
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New York Vs. Miami – Who Will Emerge As Crypto City?

New York City vs. Miami: who wins this one? Ask yourself this. Pretend you own a crypto business. Do you want it to be in New York with its burdensome regulations, high taxes, and crazy homeless people, or Miami with its comparatively low regulations and...
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M1NTED: The First NFT Festival Made In Malaysia

The buzz for NFTs–and crypto in general–is gaining more mainstream attention. As Blockchain Hustlers, this is music to our ears. Recent Successes and High Interest in Major NFT Events WorldwideHave you ever been to an NFT event or conference? Miami hosted Miami NFT week, LA...
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Five Questions To Ask Before Becoming A Blockchain Engineer

When Uber first started operating in my hometown, I jumped at the opportunity to ride the rideshare wave. Online articles flooded my mind with raking in mad Benji’s after hours while keeping my day job. But my Uber driving journey only lasted a week. What...
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Florida Becomes The Most Crypto Friendly State In The USA

Anthonia Isichei wrote an excellent piece for Blockster about Republican Governor Ron DeSantis saying he wants to let Florida businesses pay taxes in Bitcoin. Everyone had better pay attention, because it has enormous ramifications for the financial independence of the states. As I have said...
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Real Estate Is Going On-Chain

What is the most precious commodity in the world? You can make a strong argument that it is trust, but what is the biggest purchase that people make in their lives? Generally speaking, it is buying a house. Quite naturally then, criminals will find ways...
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Ultra Music Festival Delivers The Party In Miami To The World

Ultra Music Festival took the world by storm last weekend in Miami. The world’s premier electronic music festival teamed up with the most environmentally-friendly blockchain, Algorand, to stream the festivities around the globe. Miami Born and BredThe Ultra Brand has its roots in Miami. It...