Casino Analyst Plans To Build $3B New York Casino With Crypto Trading Floor

Jason Ader, a former casino analyst, is working on a project that includes building a multi-billion dollar casino in New York. He supposes this casino to feature the largest cryptocurrency trading floor.

The plans for this casino will be submitted on December 10, and it will feature futuristic and innovative aspects.

New York Casino with a Cryptocurrency Trading Floor

According to Ader, this casino will be based in New York, but the exact location is yet to be determined. However, he prefers it to be located in Manhattan.

Besides having the largest cryptocurrency trading floor globally, the casino will also have a landing pad for flying cars. It will also feature an esports arena and have an events space that can be used to host various functions such as the New York Fashion Week.

Ader estimates the project to cost around $3 billion, but the major determinant of the project’s cost will be the location.

“The goal is to have a differentiated but comprehensive approach to entertainment that goes beyond casino gaming with some pretty cool elements,”

Ader stated.

The New York State Gaming Commission is expected to receive all the plans for building this casino on December 10. The commission is also requesting information to grant three new casino licenses in the southern part of New York.

The three new casino licenses are the last ones to be authorized in the 2013 ballot measure that permitted the creation of seven new nontribal casinos, with four of them being situated upstate.

This is a futuristic casino, and Ader wants it to be named “Mirai”, a Japanese word that means future.

Firms are already seeking licenses to expand casino operations in Manhattan. These firms include MGM Resorts International and Genting Group, which has slot-machine parlors in New York City. Bally’s Corp and Las Vegas Sands Corp are also looking to expand into Manhattan.

Ader will lodge his bid through a new company he is creating in partnership with Universal Entertainment Corp. He thinks that this company will be debt-free and benefit from the experience that Universal has in the casino business.

A Crypto Casino in New York

Ader’s bid to build this casino could not have come at a better time, given that New York is becoming one of the most crypto-friendly states in the US.

The newly elected mayor for New York City, Eric Adams, has been pushing for a strong crypto agenda. The mayor has promised to accept his first three paychecks in Bitcoin. Adams is also planning to introduce Bitcoin and blockchain courses into the school system.

Besides having a crypto-friendly mayor, the entire state of New York is also becoming one of the major Bitcoin mining hubs in the US. Bitcoin mining companies have established their location in the state because it offers a cool climate and easy access to renewable energy.

With New York becoming a major crypto hub, Ader’s plans for building a casino with a cryptocurrency trading floor are viable.

Moreover, the US is also one of the largest crypto hubs globally in crypto mining and trading. A recent survey from Grayscale shows that 25% of US investors held Bitcoin, and another 60% of Americans were interested in having crypto holdings.

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