BXR , The Native Utility Token Powering Blockster
As the utility token of a vibrant social network, the BXR token will efficiently capture the value of our growing user base.
BXR Pre-Sale
Buy BXR now before it lists on a major IEO platform at a higher price. Only 2% of the total supply of BXR is available to buy in the pre-sale.
Tokens Remaining Tokens offered for sale
0 BXR 2,000,000 BXR
BXR price:
1 BXR = 1 USD
Accepted currencies:
Pre-sale end date:
September 21, 2021
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Buy BXR now
Fueled by large-scale marketing initiatives, the BXR token will become a staple cryptocurrency backed
by a user base of millions of people.
Buy BXR now
BXR Token Utilities
Marketplace Commerce
BXR is the only accepted currency to purchase NFT tokens, services and games in Blockster’s marketplaces.
Advertising payments
BXR is the only accepted currency for purchasing advertising on the platform. Promote your company or yourself to a large, targeted audience of cryptocurrency users around the world.
If a user enjoys a particular piece of content and wants to support the creator, they can give them a tip in BXR. This aims to create a positive culture around sharing legitimate, high quality content.
Revenue Sharing
Stake BXR to receive a share of advertising revenues. Every month, Blockster redistributes 20% of total advertising revenues to BXR stakers.
Community Governance
BXR token holders can exercise voting rights on key elements of the Blockster ecosystem such as new features on the Blockster platform.
Token Burning
Every month, Blockster burns 5% of all BXR that was spent on advertising.
P2P Transactions
Send and receive BXR tokens between your friends, family and acquaintances on Blockster instantly and free of charge.
Where is the demand for BXR coming from?
The main source of demand for BXR will come from advertisers and from stakers who want to earn a share of our advertising revenues. BXR is the only accepted form of payment for all advertising on the platform, so therefore demand for the token will increase as our user base increases. Our waitlist currently stands at over 300,000 people and rising. Our mission is to invite every cryptocurrency project and blockchain business in the industry to claim their profile on Blockster. This will create a solid advertiser base who will drive demand for BXR.
Token Distribution
Blockster will mint an initial supply of 100 million BXR tokens. This will represent the market cap for the lifetime of the project – no more BXR tokens can be minted.
Buy BXR now
50% Treasury reserve
25% Partnerships & Marketing
10% Team
8% Main token sale
5% Advisors
2% Pre-sale
BXR Pre-Sale
Proceeds from the token sale will be used to fund the continued development of the platform, and kickstart our marketing efforts.
BXR Token Supply
and Distribution
Total Token Supply 100,000,000 BXR
Pre-Sale Allocation 2,000,000 BXR (2% of Total Token Supply)
Token Type ERC20
Token Distribution Immediately after purchase
Pre-sale end date September 21, 2021
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