Buy BXR Directly On Blockster For $1: The FAQ

$1 was the original token sale offering for BXR, and that’s the price at which the bulk of tokens were sold. Therefore we’re adapting to the market’s current valuation of Blockster (BXR) at this early stage and adjusting the price accordingly.

The offering will last for two months, ending on September 21st, 2021.

Token Sale Moves to

The $BXR token sale has moved to – which means that, during this Pre-Sale phase, you can buy BXR directly on our platform; it’s an instant and trustless transaction. Visit our website to take part in the offer!

In the meantime, the $BXR token sale on Blockfunder is finished. Please note that currently, there are no active sales held on Blockfunder, but we do plan to introduce those again shortly.

Token Sale: Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve also compiled a FAQ on the $BXR token sale to help you out – please see below.

Q: I want to take part in the offer! Which payment methods can I use?

A: For the moment, we accept only ETH.

Q: How much BXR is available for sale at this price?

A: The total is 2 million BXR. However, we’ve already sold $300k+ during the BXR pre-sale, which leaves us with 1.7 million. The tokens you buy will be sent to your personal wallet right away without any vesting period.

Q: Which wallets work with BXR?

A: Any Ethereum wallet capable of adding custom ERC-20 tokens, including Metamask, MEW My Ether Wallet, Trust Wallet, and some others. Those links have step-by-step instructions, but they’re all pretty standard.

Q: Will BXR be listed on other IEO platforms?

A: Yes, afterthe Pre-Sale phase is complete, the token will be listed at a higher price on an established IEO platform (TBA).

Q: I bought some BXR on Blockfunder earlier. When will I receive them?

A: If you took part in the sale between Phases 1 through 6, your tokens are already available in your Digitex Wallet. There will be no vesting period, which means you will have them available in your wallet right away. Bonus: we’ve deposited BXR at $1 value in your wallet, according to how much you had bought – so many of you will be pleased to discover that your BXR value has doubled.

Q: I already bought some BXR. Can I buy more?

A: Sure! You are welcome to buy more BXR directly on

Q: When will I be able to trade my BXR?

A: BXR will be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges when the main token sale is over. We’ve already made agreements with eight major exchanges, with many more coming soon. You can anticipate BXR listings in Q4 2021.

Q: When will I receive the BXR I earned through the waitlist friend referral campaign?

A: You will receive your BXR tokens after the end of the Main Token Sale. We will contact you to confirm your Blockster account and BXR earnings and then send them to your desired wallet address.

Have more questions? Ask away in our Telegram Group!

And don’t forget to buy BXR at $1 – now directly on Blockster!

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