Brave Celebrates The Launch Of A New Wallet With A Massive Giveaway

Brave Browser has finally completed the development of its native cryptocurrency wallet. The project is celebrating the wallet’s launch with a giveaway featuring NFTs and popular coins. The giveaway will last from March 8th until March 14th, and randomly chosen winners will find golden tickets in their wallets.

Brave Wallet, the native crypto wallet of Brave Browser has finally gone live for desktop and mobile versions on the browser. And in order to celebrate its launch, the project has organized a major giveaway.

Brave Giveaway Rewards

The project intends to give away nearly half a million dollars in digital currencies, with a major portion of this coming in the shape of a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, which is worth 80 ETH. With the price of Ethereum sitting at $2,715 as of March 9th, the total value of the NFT alone would be $217,200.

Apart from the NFT, Brave will also include assets such as other popular NFTs, its own Basic Attention Token (BAT), as well as Solana (SOL) as a part of the giveaway. The giveaway started yesterday, March 8th, and it will last for six days in total, ending on Monday, March 14th. The project will offer new prizes during each day of the giveaway, and users will have to activate their Brave Wallet address and use the Brave Swap feature in order to be eligible to participate.

It is worth noting that the Swap function must be used at least once per day in order for the user to be eligible to receive rewards on that specific day.

How to Participate?

The wallet will come integrated into the Brave Browser, meaning that users will not be asked to install a separate plug-in–which is otherwise required when it comes to wallets such as Coinbase Wallet and Metamask. They are, however, required to download the Brave Browser itself.

The project’s announcement said that each winner will be selected randomly, from a pool of users who fulfill the required steps and become eligible participants.

Users who end up chosen by the software will discover a “golden ticket” NFT that will appear in their wallets. The ticket can be used to redeem actual prizes, which users can access by contacting the Brave Browser team using a specific codeword that will arrive with their golden ticket. The ticket will come with all the necessary instructions, and if users have any questions beyond that, the Brave team is standing by to help.

The team also stressed that the winners will not be required to share their wallet information, private keys, or any other sensitive data, even if asked by someone, as it would likely be a phishing attack by scammers or hackers.

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