BNB VS CRO — Crypto Exchange Coins Target New Investors

These digital currencies operate on the efficiency of the underlying blockchain technology for many purposes, with the main one being decentralization. They are also tradable for fiat currencies. For these trades to happen, an intermediary is necessary to connect traders to crypto companies. These intermediaries, mainly known as crypto exchange platforms, have designs that allow trading, swapping, and storage of digital assets.

Nonetheless, popular cryptocurrency exchanges have their native digital currencies that fuel their operations within the digital currency space. This article will focus on two of the trendiest crypto exchange assets, Binance’s BNB and’s CRO.

A Quick Look into BNB and CRO

BNB is the native crypto for the Binance crypto exchange platform, while CRO is the native coin for exchange. BNB is a creation from developer Changpeng Zhao. These coins are similar in that they are decentralized, belong to crypto exchange platforms, and are tradable. However, their price history since launch is divergent.

The BNB coin dates as early as July 2017, a year earlier than the current CRO coin. However, had another coin launch in 2016 by the ticker name MCO which is now non-existent. Binance had a better launch since their coin first sold at 0.5USD, and within 67days, it hit the ceiling with a price tag of $25. Now trading at over 580$.

The 2018 CRO launch was inclusive of a six-month airdrop through the mobile app. They extended the dates for the airdrop for an additional year. After the exchange launched in 2020, their investors were able to Stake 20% APY in the exchange. In August, the exchange discontinued MCO in favor of ICO; this move received mixed reactions. However, it was a good business decision, according to many investors.

The Trend for BNB vs. CRO Price

The CRO to BNB rate during writing stands at BNB 0.00072187, an increase of 3.1% in the last 24 hours. CRO also has a notable increase of 76.4% within a month, while BNB has a monthly increase of 25%.

In the last five days, the trend of converting 1 CRO to BNB favors the CRO coin. The rate of increase in the number of new addresses is also divergent between the two coins. In the last 24 hours, the rise in BNB holders is 0.016%, while CRO has a more considerable rise of 0.405%.

Best for New Investors — BNB or CRO?

Per Etherscan, the number of transactions of CRO and BNB is comparable. CRO has 125,759 holders and a total of 821,572 transactions. These numbers compare with BNB, which has 318,341 holders with a history of 956,430 transactions.

Even though it is arguable that many cannot afford a whole BNB coin, the CRO investors are more active. The CRO holders are almost half the number of BNB holders, but their transactions are nearly per. These statistics show that CRO may be more acceptable than BNB in the eyes of investors. However, it is good to DYOR regularly since crypto markets change very quickly.

BNB VS CRO: How are These Exchanges Targeting New Investors through Their Coins?

There are a number of ways both exchanges are targeting new investment.

Discounted Native Tokens

While CRO had a launch that had a relatively long airdrop, BNB has a different promotional approach. BNB is selling their coin at half the price of the past year. This half-price arrangement will end in 2022, but it is still attracting many new investors.

Crypto Projects for New Investors

Binance is known for its efforts in giving free blockchain knowledge to its new customers. Their efforts help to lure them into becoming new investors by guiding them well. also has notable projects which attract new investors through the CRO coin. Recently, said that its new visa card would grant 8% cashback on cryptos bought using it, including CRO.

Free Technical Advice for New Crypto Investors

Both teams behind CRO and BNB offer excellent technical advice to their investors and other enthusiasts. They both introduce interested parties to step-by-step problem resolution protocols, urging more people to try trading in cryptos.

Free Crypto Training Sessions

BNB has the upper hand in this sector; its parent company already has a blockchain academy which CRO lacks. In the Binance Academy, the technology team provides new market trends and expert advice. They also use BNB for illustrations and other purposes in their range which helps them lure new investors.

Through Paid Advertisements

Both teams behind BNB and CRO carry out paid advertisements using these coins on some sites. These promotions range from giveaways to discounts and other similar activities. These actions attract new customers.

Through Native Coin Giveaways

Binance and hold some contests for their customers and reward them with BNB and CRO coins. These giveaways create interest to new investors to gain some native coins and trade more on consequent exchanges.

Which Coin is Likely to Win?

Even though these coins look similar, their futures seem to be divergent. BNB has a higher price and a relatively high market cap than CRO. This analysis shows that CRO has a higher potential of making more profits than BNB. However, it is good to watch both assets since the crypto market changes very quickly.

The BNB and CRO Roadmaps

The parent company behind BNB, Binance, plans to support it as a critical base asset in their exchange. They also want it to keep catering for gas fees on their platform. Their plans for this coin extend to catering for system upgrades, branding, marketing, and continuing with blockchain education on Binance. These plans show that BNB has a bright future in the Binance exchange platform.

The team also has good plans for their CRO token. They store it in five wallets, but three of them are frozen. Their plans for this native coin are to encourage staking it for better rewards. When investors stake CRO at, they will be eligible for multiple rewards like discounted fees and preferential interest rates. They also want this coin to facilitate DeFi swap and their metal visa card.


To sum up all of the above, it is clear that exchange-owned native coins are helping in the marketing processes of crypto exchanges. This usage of native exchange coins is beneficial to both investors and the exchanges. It is more advantageous to both parties during giveaways since the number of transactions increases, and some get free tokens.

Binance’s BNB and’s CRO are exchange-native coins that are worth watching in 2021 and beyond. These coins have some of the most active development teams, and their daily transactions are reasonable. However, these coins differ in many ways, including price and other things. But it is best to DYOR before investing in any crypto for better chances at making profits.

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