Blockster to Become Media Partner of the London-Based Digital Assets Week 2021 Conference

Taking place between October 18 and 22 in London, Digital Assets Week is a fully hybrid event with a combination of live on-stage interactions, virtual speakers, and a physical audience in the United Kingdom’s capital.

The conference focuses on two separate overriding subject areas across different summits during the week, discussing exciting topics, such as institutional crypto adoption, bridging traditional industries and the digital asset market, opportunities to educate investors, and the tokenization of securities.

As the 14th event in the series, October’s Digital Assets Week boasts an exciting list of speakers featuring Lord Waverley, the Vice-Chair at the Fintech Blockchain All-Party Parliamentary Groups, as the main highlight of the summits. In addition, executives and experienced professionals of financial industry players like Citi, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, and Morgan Stanley and crypto businesses such as Polymath, Polkadex, Mycelium, and Bequant will participate at the conference to share their valuable insights and discuss the future of cryptocurrencies.

“Digital Assets Week is a prominent conference series that spreads awareness about cryptocurrencies and establishes a dialogue between traditional finance and crypto market players. Our core mission is to serve blockchain professionals and investors while facilitating the adoption of this new technology, and we are thrilled to work with the event’s hosts to achieve our goals together,” said XY, Blockster’s XY.

Digital Assets Week is not the first cryptocurrency event to partner with Blockster. Last week, the social networking platform announced a new partnership with Crypto Expo in Dubai, one of the largest digital asset conferences in the UAE. To spread awareness about its platform, Blockster is increasingly expanding its presence among crypto events as part of its broader marketing strategy. In addition to its plans to create a dedicated block for conferences to host all the relevant information, the team will provide global coverage and exclusive interviews with speakers in the near future.

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