Blockster Strikes Media Partnership Deal With Democracy4All Conference

Democracy4all is an international conference that connects experts, industry players, and policymakers to discuss the latest developments in regulation and technology. With the goal to speed up the dialogue between government bodies and new tech, D4A is a unique event that focuses on how distributed ledger technology (DLT) can be utilized as an instrument of democratic improvement, especially in the areas of social, corporate, and individual governance.

According to its creators, this year’s Democracy4all conference will be based on the 12 principles of good democratic governance set by the Council of Europe, which all represent fundamental values used to define how governance can be performed democratically throughout the continent. By utilizing them as a reference point, public authorities can measure and enhance their governance processes’ and service delivery’s quality and delivery to citizens. And blockchain is a powerful tool they can leverage to achieve these goals.

In addition to top-level government officials from multiple jurisdictions, the conference’s speaker lineup includes industry experts, C-level executives, and management members of innovative digital asset and technology startups, who will be ready to share their valuable insights and enter into a heated debate about the most important topics related to blockchain and governance.

Besides the above-mentioned hybrid (offline and online) roundtables, attendees will be able to participate in workshops and networking events via two VIP dinners and three cocktail parties and see how promising startup teams pitch their innovative ideas and concepts to VCs and angel investors.

The cooperation between regulators and crypto market players is crucial for the future of the industry. For that reason, Blockster is looking forward to spreading the word about cryptocurrencies and facilitating a meaningful discussion during D4A 2021 as the conference’s official media partner. At the same time, the team is excited to hear from the event’s participants about the creative and innovative ways blockchain technology can be utilized in the area of democratic governance.

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