Blockster Partners With The Biggest Conference In Malta, SiGMA Europe ‘21

The conference, which is set to take place between November 16 and 20, will combine four major events into a single week to commemorate its seventh consecutive year of success. Blockster will be here as the official partner of the SiGMA Europe ‘21 conference.

AIBC, a gathering dedicated to the discussion of new and emerging technologies such as blockchain, will be another event. The event will bring Malta up to speed on the most recent developments in blockchain, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, and other emerging technologies.

The third event is known as AGS, or Affiliate Grand Slam, and it focuses on information sharing, networking, and commercial partnerships. AGS is focused to attract content marketers, conversion optimization and lead generation specialists, media buyers, affiliates, SEO Gurus, and influencers.

The final event, Med-Tech World, will discuss the most significant advancements and breakthroughs in medical science. This event will highlight the most recent advancements in medicine as a result of technological advancements.

These events will bring together thousands of assistants from all over the world in a never-before-seen configuration. The SiGMA Europe ’21 conference will feature hundreds of speakers who will discuss various topics such as blockchain, esports technology, artificial intelligence, and how companies can combine these technologies in the future.

A more detailed schedule of the presentations and the speakers that will participate is available here.

SiGMA Europe ’21, as one of the largest post-COVID-19 conferences, is taking extra precautions in its planning. However, networking is one of the event’s most important features, with notable attendees including record producer Akon, the football star turned rising DJ Djibril Cisse, Minister Silvio Schembri, and Deputy Prime Minister Christopher Fearne. Mixing Workshops with leisure-based events will allow assistants to meet people and connect with them in order to form alliances or even partnerships.

The event will also host an eSports tournament in a joint effort with GMR Entertainment, a Maltese esports organization: a startup village that will feature 100 companies presenting its use cases, and a $500,000 investment fund that will be used to boost the development of one of these startups.

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